Canadian Accredited Independent Schools

Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) is a national organization for independent schools in Canada. The current Executive Director is Patti MacDonald.[1]


Canadian Association of Independent SchoolsEdit

The Canadian Association of Independent Schools (also known as CAIS) was established in 1981 as a national network for member schools supporting collaborative initiatives in leadership, education, management and governance. Its key activities included organizing, co-ordinating, and facilitating conferences, benchmarking, senior management compensation surveys, and advocacy.

Canadian Educational Standards InstituteEdit

In parallel, the Canadian Educational Standards Institute (CESI) was established in 1986 as an organization to develop and promote educational excellence and school improvement in independent schools. Its key activities were to establish national Standards/Best Practices and accreditation process, conducting 10 accreditation visits per year, and research and targeted Professional Development.

New organizationEdit

In October 2009, a vote was held at a combined Annual General Meeting for CAIS and CESI to create a new national organization.[2] After extensive consultation with the membership, a new organization was formed and named Standards in Excellence and Learning (SEAL Canada). However, in February 2011, the organization changed its name to Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS).[3]

CAIS Accredited SchoolsEdit

CAIS encompasses 93 accredited independent schools, and its aim is to collaborate in the pursuit of exemplary leadership training, research and international standards of educational excellence. The stated vision of the organization is to be "Leaders in education, shaping the future of a courageous, compassionate world."[4] According to the CAIS website, there are two CAIS-accredited schools in Bermuda and one in Switzerland.

CAIS accredited independent schools
Location Gender School Day/Boarding Grades Diploma Year Established
 Kelowna, British Columbia Co-ed Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School Day PK-12 Provincial 2004
 Belleville, Ontario Co-ed Albert College Both K-12 Provincial 1857
 Oakville, Ontario Co-ed Appleby College Both 7-12 Provincial 1911
 Halifax, Nova Scotia Co-ed Armbrae Academy Day PreK-12 Provincial 1887
 Ottawa, Ontario Co-ed Ashbury College Both 4-12 Provincial 1891
 Nanaimo, British Columbia Co-ed Aspengrove School Day 4-12 Provincial 2003
 Wilcox, Saskatchewan Co-ed Athol Murray College of Notre Dame Both 9-12 Provincial 1920
 Winnipeg, Manitoba Girls Balmoral Hall School Both K-12 Provincial 1901
Don Mills, Ontario Co-ed Bayview Glen School Day K-12 Provincial 1962
 Toronto, Ontario Girls The Bishop Strachan School Both K-12 Provincial 1867
 Sherbrooke, Quebec Co-ed Bishop's College School Both 7-12 Provincial 1836
 Toronto, Ontario Girls Branksome Hall Both K-12 Provincial 1903
 Mill Bay, British Columbia Co-ed Brentwood College School Both 9-12 Provincial 1923
 Calgary, Alberta Co-ed Calgary French and International School Day Pre-12 Provincial 1969
 Montreal, Quebec Co-ed Centennial Academy Day 7-CEGEP Provincial 1969
 Vancouver, British Columbia Co-ed Collingwood School Day Pre-12 Provincial 1984
 Toronto, Ontario Boys Crescent School Day 3-12 Provincial 1913
 Vancouver, British Columbia Girls Crofton House School Day Pre-12 Provincial 1898
 Ottawa, Ontario Girls Elmwood School Day Pre-12 Provincial 1915
 Vancouver, British Columbia Co-ed Fraser Academy Day 1-12 Provincial 1982
 Victoria, British Columbia Co-ed Glenlyon Norfolk School Both Pre-12 Provincial 1986
 Winnipeg, Manitoba Co-ed Gray Academy of Jewish Education Day K-12 Provincial 1902
 Toronto, Ontario Co-ed Greenwood College School Day 7-12 Provincial 2002
 Halifax, Nova Scotia Co-ed Halifax Grammar School Day JK-12 Provincial 1958
 Toronto, Ontario Girls Havergal College Both K-12 Provincial 1894
 Hamilton, Ontario Co-ed Hillfield Strathallan College Day PreK-12 Provincial 1901
 Richmond Hill, Ontario Co-ed Holy Trinity School Day K-12 Provincial 1981
 Bowen Island, British Columbia Co-ed Island Pacific School Day 6-9 Provincial 1995
 Innisfil, Ontario Co-ed Kempenfelt Bay School Day K-8 Provincial 1999
 Vancouver, British Columbia Co-ed Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School Day 9-12 Provincial
 Vancouver, British Columbia Co-ed King David High School Day K-12 Provincial 1987
 Windsor, Nova Scotia Co-ed King's-Edgehill School Both 6-12 Provincial 1788
 Toronto, Ontario Co-ed Kingsway College School Day PreK-8 Provincial 1989
 St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador Co-ed Lakecrest St. John's Independent School Day K-12 Provincial 1993
 Lakefield, Ontario Co-ed Lakefield College School Both 9-12 Provincial 1879
 Tecumseh, Ontario Co-ed Lakeview Montessori School Day Toddler-8 Provincial 1978
 Montreal, Quebec Co-ed Herzliah Day K-11 Provincial
 Montreal, Quebec Co-ed Lower Canada College Day K-12 Provincial 1909
 Calgary, Alberta Co-ed Lycée Louis Pasteur Day K-12 Provincial 1966
 London, Ontario Co-ed Matthews Hall Day JK-8 Provincial 1918
 Maple Ridge, British Columbia Co-ed Meadowridge School Both JK-12 Provincial 1985
 Westmount, Quebec Girls Miss Edgar's and Miss Cramp's Day K-11 Provincial 1909
 West Vancouver, British Columbia Co-ed Mulgrave School Both PK-12 Provincial 1993
 Neuchâtel, Switzerland Co-ed Neuchâtel Junior College Both 12 Provincial 1956
 Toronto, Ontario Co-ed Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day School Day K-6 Provincial 1998
 Newmarket, Ontario Co-ed Pickering College Both K-12 Provincial 1842
 Duncan, British Columbia Co-ed Queen Margaret's School Both K-12 Provincial 1921
 St. Catharines, Ontario Co-ed Ridley College Both K-12 Provincial 1889
 Toronto, Ontario Co-ed Robbins Hebrew Academy Day Nursery-8 Provincial 1957
 Rosseau, Ontario Co-ed Rosseau Lake College Both 7-12 Provincial 1967
 Rothesay, New Brunswick Co-ed Rothesay Netherwood School Both 6-12 Provincial 1877
 Toronto, Ontario Boys Royal St. George's College Day 3-12 Provincial 1964
 Calgary, Alberta Co-ed Rundle College Day PreK-12 Provincial 1985
 Halifax, Nova Scotia Boys;Girls Sacred Heart School of Halifax Day JK-12 Provincial 1849
 Hamilton, Bermuda Co-ed Saltus Grammar School Day K-13 Provincial 1888
 Westmount, Quebec Boys Selwyn House School Day K-11 Provincial 1908
 Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia Co-ed Shawnigan Lake School Both 8-12 Provincial 1916
 Montreal, Quebec Co-ed Solomon Schechter Academy Day PreK-6 Provincial 1969
 Devonshire, Bermuda Co-ed Somersfield Academy Day PK-10 Provincial 1990
 Tsawwassen, British Columbia Co-ed Southpointe Academy Day K-12 Provincial 1916
 Surrey, British Columbia Co-ed Southridge School Day K-12 Provincial 1995
 Aurora, Ontario Boys St. Andrew's College Both 5-12 Provincial 1899
 Toronto, Ontario Girls St. Clement's School Day 1-12 Provincial 1901
 Vancouver, British Columbia Boys St. George's School Both 1-12 Provincial 1930
 Montreal, Quebec Co-ed St. George's School of Montreal Day K-11 Provincial 1930
 Vancouver, British Columbia Co-ed St. John's School Day JK-12 Provincial 1986
 Breslau, Ontario Co-ed St. John's-Kilmarnock School Day JK-12 Provincial 1972
 Winnipeg, Manitoba Co-ed St. John's-Ravenscourt School Both K-12 Provincial 1820
 Victoria, British Columbia Girls St. Margaret's School Both K-12 Provincial 1908
 Victoria, British Columbia Co-ed St. Michaels University School Both K-12 Provincial 1906
  Oakville, Ontario Girls St. Mildred's Lightbourn School Day JK-12 Provincial 1891
 Stanstead, Quebec Co-ed Stanstead College Both 7-12 Provincial 1872
 Vancouver, British Columbia Co-ed Stratford Hall Day K-12 Provincial 1999
 Okotoks, Alberta Co-ed Strathcona Tweedsmuir School Day 1-12 Provincial 1971
 Toronto, Ontario Co-ed TFS – Canada's International School Day Age 2 - G12 Provincial 1962
 King City, Ontario Co-ed The Country Day School Day JK-12 Provincial 1972
 Toronto, Ontario Co-ed The Leo Baeck Day School Day PK-8 Provincial 1974
 Montreal, Quebec Co-ed The Priory School Day K-6 Provincial 1947
 Toronto, Ontario Co-ed The Rosedale Day School Day K-8 Provincial 1995
 Montreal, Quebec Girls The Sacred Heart School of Montreal Day 7-12 Provincial 1861
 Toronto, Ontario Boys The Sterling Hall School Day JK-8 Provincial 1987
 Westmount, Quebec Girls The Study Day K-11 Provincial 1915
 Toronto, Ontario Co-ed The York School Day K-12 Provincial 1965
 Richmond Hill, Ontario Co-ed TMS School Day K-12 Provincial 1961
 Whitby, Ontario Girls Trafalgar Castle School Both 5-12 Provincial 1874
 Port Hope, Ontario Co-ed Trinity College School Both 5-12 Provincial 1865
 Toronto, Ontario Boys Upper Canada College Both K-12 Provincial 1829
 Vancouver, British Columbia Co-ed Vancouver Talmud Torah Day PreK-7 Provincial 1934
 Calgary, Alberta Co-ed West Island College Day 7-12 Provincial 1974
 Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec Co-ed West Island College Montreal Day 7-11 Provincial 1974
 Vancouver, British Columbia Co-ed West Point Grey Academy Day JK-12 Provincial 1996
 Vancouver, British Columbia Girls York House School Day JK-12 Provincial 1932


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