Stadion Miejski im. Władysława Króla

The Stadion Miejski im. Władysława Króla (English: Władysław Król Municipal Stadium), also known as the Stadion Miejski ŁKS (English: ŁKS Municipal Stadium), is a football stadium in Łódź, Poland.

Stadion Miejski im. Władysława Króla 2022
Stadion Miejski im. Władysława Króla 2022
Stadion Miejski im. Władysława Króla


The ground has hosted football games since 1924. The original stadium, built for association football club ŁKS Łódź, had a combination of grandstands and standing areas, and hosted a maximum crowd of 45,000 on August 21, 1971, when ŁKS Łódź and Polonia Bytom played to a 0–0 draw. The stands were renovated at various times, and by 2001 the field had seating for 12,160 fans, in sections built in various time periods.[1]

The old facilities were demolished in 2014 and replaced by a single stand with a capacity of 5,700.[2]

The new stadium has a capacity of 18,029 seats.

New stadiumEdit

A new 16,500-seat stadium was planned on the same site.[3] Support for the project was undermined by the re-call election of the Lodz City President in early 2010. The interim president has questioned the cost of the stadium. The city has also announced a public auction for their stake in the club as they can no longer afford to cover the clubs loses.[4]

In November 2013 a contract was finally signed to begin construction of the new stadium with Mirbud, with completion within 20 months. Initially only one stand with a capacity of 5,700 seats was built.[5] Once completed on all four sides the stadium will have a capacity of over 20,000. There is no timeline yet for the further development as LKS do not require the extra seating as they are currently in the 4th tier of Polish football because of relegation caused by bankruptcy. The new site is adjacent to the original stadium.

The stadium is also host Budowlani Łódź Rugby Club.[6][7] The total spend will be less than 100 million zloty. The City of Lodz is funding the development and will control the facility once complete, with LKS and Budowlani just tenants.[2] As of 2017 ŁKS advanced to the 3rd tier of Polish football resulting in the Mayor announcing that the remaining three tribunes will be built. The work on the remaining tribunes is expected to start in 2018. However, the actual reconstruction started in September 2019.[8]

On 24 May 2021, the President of the City of Łódź Hanna Zdanowska signed a bylaw granting the Stadion Miejski named after pre-war footballer and hockey player Władysław Król.[9]


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Coordinates: 51°45′27.5″N 19°25′39″E / 51.757639°N 19.42750°E / 51.757639; 19.42750