The Stabroek News is a privately owned newspaper published in Guyana. It takes its name from Stabroek /ˈstæbrk/, the former name of Georgetown, Guyana.

Stabroek News
TypeDaily newspaper
Founder(s)David de Caires
Editor-in-chiefAnand Persaud
Founded1986 (1986)
Headquarters46-47 Robb Street, Lacytown, Georgetown, Guyana

It was first published in November 1986, first as a weekly but it later changed to a daily print newspaper.[1] The entry of the paper into the mass media in Guyana brought a new openness to the media environment in the country.[2]

It was founded by David DeCaires, who died on November 1, 2008.[3]

Stabroek News is also the sole distributor of DirecTV Caribbean in Guyana.

There has been some controversy as illegal distributors of DirecTV Caribbean in Guyana have not provided services to those who have paid for it.[4]

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