St Stephen's House, Oxford

St Stephen’s House, Oxford, is an Anglican theological college and one of six religious Permanent Private Halls of the University of Oxford, England. In its mission statement the college says that it offers "formation, education, and training for a variety of qualifications and ministries rooted in the catholic tradition, helping the church give faithful witness to Christ in contemporary society" as well as an exceptional education in a "context encouraging disciplined study, academic research and personal reflection centered in prayer and worship".[citation needed]

St Stephen's House
St Stephen's House Main Quad.jpg
The main quad photographed from inside the west cloister, looking towards the King building.
St Stephen's House Oxford Coat Of Arms.svg
Arms: Gules a celestial crown between three bezants two and one or, on a chief sable an apostolic eagle between two crosses crosslet or.
Location16 Marston Street, Oxford
Named forSaint Stephen
PrincipalRobin Ward


St Stephen's House (Benson building) from Marston Street.

St Stephen’s House was founded in 1876 and became a permanent private hall in 2003.[1] Its principal founder was Edward King, Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology at Oxford and later Bishop of Lincoln.[2]

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Many former students, in the tradition of the college, go on to minister in urban priority areas and parishes which suffer poverty and deprivation.

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So far every principal has been an ordained Anglican priest.

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