St John's Cathedral, Oban

St John's Cathedral or the Cathedral Church of St John the Divine (Scottish Gaelic Ard-eaglais Eòin an Diadhair) is a cathedral of the Scottish Episcopal Church, located in the town of Oban. It is one of the two cathedrals of the Diocese of Argyll and The Isles, and one of the sees of the Bishop of Argyll and The Isles.

St John's Cathedral
The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine
Oban, cathedral church of St. John the Divine - - 922762.jpg
Cathedral church of St John the Divine
DenominationScottish Episcopal Church
ChurchmanshipBroad Church
DedicationSt John the Divine
DioceseArgyll and The Isles
Bishop(s)Sede Vacante
ProvostMargi Campbell
Interior view showing the unusual steel girders which support the central tower

The MacDougalls of Dunollie and Campbells of Dunstaffnage began the project to build an episcopal church in Oban in 1846. The first church was completed in 1864 and as the town grew, so the church developed. The narthex was added in 1882 and then a grand scheme was begun in 1906. Funds ran out before construction finished - thus we are left with a unique Cathedral (designated as such in 1920) with each phase clearly visible in the Cathedral you see today and our famous steel girders still supporting the incomplete vision of a grand structure.

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Coordinates: 56°24′58″N 5°28′25″W / 56.41611°N 5.47361°W / 56.41611; -5.47361