St John's Cathedral, Langzhong

St John's Cathedral (traditional Chinese: 聖約翰座堂; simplified Chinese: 圣约翰座堂; pinyin: Shèngyuēhàn zuòtáng; Wade–Giles: Shêng4-yüeh1-han4 tso4-tʽang2), today known as Gospel Church (Chinese: 福音堂; pinyin: Fúyīn táng; Wade–Giles: Fu2-yin1 tʽang2), is a Protestant church situated on Yangtianjing Street in the county-level city of Langzhong, Nanchong, Sichuan Province. Founded in 1908, the church was formerly the Anglican cathedral of the Szechwan Diocese of the Church in China,[2] and the largest Anglican church in Southwest China.[3] Originally designated as a pro-cathedral.[4]

St John's Cathedral, Langzhong
Gospel Church
St John's Cathedral, Paoning.jpg
St John's Cathedral, circa 1914.
31°35′N 105°59′E / 31.58°N 105.98°E / 31.58; 105.98Coordinates: 31°35′N 105°59′E / 31.58°N 105.98°E / 31.58; 105.98
Location5 Yangtianjing Street, Langzhong, Sichuan
DenominationSichuanese Protestant
Previous denominationChurch in China (under the jurisdiction of the Church of England)[1]
ChurchmanshipLow church evangelical
prev. cathedral
Founder(s)William Cassels (China Inland Mission)
DedicationJohn the Evangelist
Past bishop(s)William Cassels
Functional statusActive
Architect(s)George A. Rogers
StyleGothic Revival with traditional Sichuanese elements
ProvinceChina (formerly)
DioceseSzechwan (formerly)


Interior of St John's Cathedral, 1910s.
Survey of the mission work of China Inland Mission and Church Missionary Society in Paoning, published in 1913.

The first Anglican church in Langzhong (then known as Langchung, Paoning or Paoning Foo [Baoning / Baoning Fu]), the Trinity Church, built in 1893, had become too small as the number of converts had increased.[2][5]

After a series of problems, St John's was eventually built on Yangtianjing Street, under the supervision of William Cassels, one of the Cambridge Seven, and the then missionary bishop in the Diocese of Western China. Construction began in 1913 and finished in 1914.[6]

The cathedral was designed by the Australian architect George A. Rogers, and built in the fusion of neo-Gothic and traditional Sichuanese architectural styles.[7] It occupies an area of nearly 4000 square metres, with a cemetery, a library, a well, a flower garden and a vegetable garden. Cassels died in 1925 and buried in the garden of St John's.[6] Montagu Proctor-Beauchamp, also one of the Cambridge Seven, was buried in the cemetery of the cathedral in 1939.[8][9]

After the communist takeover of China in 1949, Christian Churches in China were forced to sever their ties with respective overseas Churches, which has thus led to the merging of St John's into the communist-established Three-Self Patriotic Church.

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