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St. Marys River (Indiana and Ohio)

The St. Marys River (Shawnee: Kokothikithiipi,[1] in Miami-Illinois: Nameewa siipiiwi)[2] is a 99-mile-long (159 km)[3] tributary of the Maumee River (Miami-Illinois: Taawaawa siipiiwi) in northwestern Ohio and northeastern Indiana in the United States.[4] Prior to development, it was part of the Great Black Swamp. Today, it drains a primarily rural farming region in the watershed of Lake Erie.

Saint Marys River
Map of the Maumee River watershed showing St. Marys River
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationConfluence of the East Branch and Center Branch of St. Marys River near St. Marys, Ohio
 ⁃ coordinates40°32′14″N 84°21′46″W / 40.5372222°N 84.3627778°W / 40.5372222; -84.3627778 (Saint Marys River origin)
 ⁃ elevation854 ft (260 m)
 ⁃ location
Confluence with the St. Joseph River to form the Maumee River at Ft. Wayne, Indiana
 ⁃ coordinates
41°05′00″N 85°07′56″W / 41.0833333°N 85.1322222°W / 41.0833333; -85.1322222 (Saint Marys River mouth)Coordinates: 41°05′00″N 85°07′56″W / 41.0833333°N 85.1322222°W / 41.0833333; -85.1322222 (Saint Marys River mouth)
 ⁃ elevation
745 ft (227 m)
Basin features
ProgressionSt. Marys River → Maumee River → Lake Erie → Great Lakes → St Lawrence River → Gulf of St. Lawrence
GNIS ID442706
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It is formed in southern Auglaize County in western Ohio by the confluence of the short East Branch and Center Branch. It flows briefly west to St. Marys, approaching to within two miles of Grand Lake before turning to the north. In northwestern Auglaize County it turns sharply to the west-northwest, flowing past Rockford and Willshire into Adams County, Indiana. In northeastern Indiana it flows northwest through Decatur, then enters Fort Wayne. It hooks around in its last half mile (0.8 km) to join the St. Joseph River (in Miami-Illinois: Kociihsasiipi) from the west to form the Maumee in downtown Fort Wayne.

The World War II-era US Navy vessel St. Mary's River was named after this river.

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