St. George's Collegiate Church, Tübingen

The Stiftskirche is a church located in Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is a late Gothic structure built by Peter von Koblenz in 1470. The stained glass windows were designed by Peter Hemmel of Andlau who also designed windows in Ulm, Augsburg, Nuremberg, Munich and Strasbourg. It is the central landmark of Tübingen and, along with the rest of the city, the Stiftskirche was one of the first to convert to Martin Luther's Protestant church. It maintains (and carefully defends) several "Roman Catholic" features, such as patron saints.

Stiftskirche from North
The lower part of the central window in the apse, showing the church patron and the founder, created about 1478 by Peter Hemmel of Andlau
Interior of the Stiftskirche

Tower music is played from the church tower every Sunday.[1]

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