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SLTMobitel (formerly known as Sri Lanka Telecom, Sinhala: ශ්‍රී ලංකා ටෙලිකොම්, romanized: Śrī Laṃkā Ṭelikom, Tamil: ஸ்ரீலங்கா டெலிகொம்) is the national telecommunications services provider in Sri Lanka and one of the country’s largest companies[verification needed] with an annual turnover in excess of Rs 40 billion. The company provides domestic and corporate services which include fixed and wireless telephony, Internet access and IT services to domestic, public and business sector customers.

TypePublic limited company
Founded1991 (1991) in Colombo, Sri Lanka
HeadquartersColombo 01, Sri Lanka
Key people
Rohan Fernando (Chairman/Director)[1]
Lalith Mohan Seneviratne (Group Chief Executive Officer)[1]
ProductsFixedline Telephone services
Mobile Telephone services
Internet services with dedicated speed link, ADSL and FTTx
IT services
RevenueIncrease Rs 85.948 billion (2019)[2]
Increase Rs 8.539 billion (2019)[2]
Increase Rs 6.322 billion (2019)[2]
Total assetsIncrease Rs 209.019 billion (2019)[2]
Total equityIncrease Rs 78.167 billion (2019)[2]
OwnerGovernment of Sri Lanka (49.50%)
Global Telecom Holding (VEON Ltd.) (44.98%)[2]
Number of employees
Increase 1,600 (2019)[2]
SubsidiarieseChannelling PLC (87.59%)
Galle Submarine Cable Depot (Pvt) Ltd (40%)
Mobit Technologies (Pvt) Ltd (100%)
Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd (100%)
SLT Digital Info Services (Pvt) Ltd (100%)
SLT Human Capital Solutions (Pvt) Ltd (100%)
SLT Property Management (Pvt) Ltd (100%)
SLT VisionCom (Pvt) Ltd (100%)
SLT Campus (Pvt) Ltd (100%)
Sri Lanka Telecom (Services) Ltd (99.99%)
Talentfort (Pvt) Ltd (100%)


Sri Lanka Telecom Logo until 2020

SLTMOBITEL (formerly Sri Lanka Telecom) has a history of over 150 years, having started its operations in 1858 with the establishment of the first Telegraphic Circuit between Galle and Colombo. In the same year it established its first international Telegraph Communication between then called Ceylon, and India. Since then, Sri Lanka Telecom has passed several milestones, including: in 1991 Sri Lanka Telecom became a Corporation and in 1997 the Company was privatised with the collaboration of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) and listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange's Milanka Price Index.

In 2008, NTT sold its stake in SLT to Global Telecommunications Holdings N.V. of Netherlands,[3] which currently owns 44.98% stake in Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) whilst 50.50% is owned by the Government of Sri Lanka and the balance shares remain with the general public.

Fixedline networkEdit

Internet ServicesEdit


Several Dial-Up packages are provided by SLT according to customer needs.


SLTMobitel provides ADSL2+ fixed broadband with speeds up to 16Mbit/s under 6 packages which are Light User, Family, SME Business, Business (Heavy User), State Sector & Higher Education.

VDSL2 and FTTxEdit

The company launched its VDSL2 and FTTH/FTTB broadband services on 2014 March 25 and are available in most urban areas in the country within 2 km of an upgraded Telephone Exchange's MSAN Unit.

Fiber 100 MbpsEdit

Fiber 100 Mbps is now widely available throughout Sri Lanka and has a download speed of 100 Mbps.

Fiber 1 GbpsEdit

Fiber 1Gbps was introduced by SLT in 2020 for apartments.

4G LTEEdit

SLTMobitel fixed wireless successfully demonstrated and launched its 4G LTE fixed broadband service at a ceremony held in Ruwanwella, Kegalle in January 2014, with the presence of Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology.


SLTMobitel also provides free and pay as you go WiFi internet access at public places in Colombo and other selected cities in Sri Lanka.

Mobile networkEdit

IndustryMobile Telecommunications
PredecessorOTC Australia (Pvt) Ltd
Founded1993; 28 years ago (1993)
Colombo, Sri Lanka.
HeadquartersColombo 02, Sri Lanka
Key people
Lalith Mohan Seneviratne (CEO)
ProductsMobile, Mobile Broadband, Mobile Financial Services, Fixed Broadband, Mobile TV
ParentSri Lanka Telecom PLC
SubsidiarieseChannelling PLC

SLTMobitel (formerly known as Mobitel, Sinhala: මොබිටෙල්, Tamil: மொபிடெல்) is the National Mobile Service Provider of Sri Lanka and country's second largest mobile network operator with over 7.9 million subscribers.[4] The network, which started operations in 1993, became a wholly owned subsidiary of Sri Lanka Telecom in October 2002.[5]

SLTMobitel offers a variety of services and currently operates GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+, DC-HSPA+ and FD-LTE network utilising 2G, 3.5G, 4G and 4.5G technologies with VoLTE service.[6] It covers most of Sri Lanka with its GSM network. Mobitel offers both prepaid and postpaid mobile services, along with mobile broadband services using the 3.5G network, postpaid mobile services, and mobile broadband services using the 4G network. Mobitel also launched Mobile Money services in November 2013 which is called mCash[7] making the mobile phone a financial instrument.[vague]


Mobitel Logo until 2020
Mobitel office in Colombo, as seen in 2006

Mobitel was incorporated in 1993 as the third mobile telephone provider in the Sri Lankan market. Originally a collaboration between Sri Lanka Telecom and Telstra, Mobitel has been wholly owned by SLT since November 2002.

In January 2004, the company launched its fully-fledged 2.5G GSM network that is EDGE/GPRS enabled and designed to operate on dual band. In December 2007, the company launched its 3.5G HSPA network - the first Super 3.5G network in South Asia. Further, Mobitel successfully demonstrated HSPA + MIMO technology with down link speed up to 28.8 Mbit/s and carried out successful trial of 4G/LTE technology with downlink speed exceeding 96 Mbit/s, for the first time in the South Asian Region. Investments committed to date in the 2.5G/3.5G/4G networks and service offering amounts to over US$ 500mn.[8]

Mobitel launched its GSM operations in January 2004 with the deployment of a fully fledged GSM network in the 800 MHz and 1800 MHz band, which is EDGE/GPRS enabled. In 2005 and 2006, Mobitel traded the 800 MHz band for slots made available from the 900 MHz spectrum. With this enhancement, Mobitel embarked on a field trial of 3G at the 1st International Buddhist Conference held in 2006, setting the stage for the launch of its 3G services in Sri Lanka.

Investments committed to date for this technology to provide 3G and GSM totals over US$200 million.[9] This included increasing the present number of base stations from 600 to 1,500 by the end of 2008{README, 2012}.


SLTMobitel currently operates GSM, UMTS, LTE Advanced and also a 5G - Demonstration Level. SLTMobitel 4G+ trial network with downlink speed of up to 300 Mbit/s and uplink speed up to 150 Mbit/s.[10][11]


SLTMobitel provides international services with GSM roaming coverage of over 200 countries[12] and GPRS roaming coverage of over 120 countries[13] including bilateral partnerships with global carriers.

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