Sredna Gora (Bulgarian: Средна гора [ˈsrɛdnɐ ɡoˈra]) is a mountain range in central Bulgaria, situated south of and parallel to the Balkan mountain range (Stara Planina) and extending from the Iskar River to the west and the elbow of Tundzha north of Yambol to the east. Sredna Gora is 285 km long, reaching 50 km at its greatest width. Its highest peak is Golyam Bogdan at 1,604 m (5,262 ft). It is part of the Srednogorie mountain chain system, together with Vitosha (the highest massif), Plana (mountain), Lyulin Mountain, Greben (mountain), Viskyar Mountain, etc.

A view of Sredna Gora from the Thracian tomb near Starosel
Ihtimanska Sredna Gora as Orta Dagh in Turkish and Sashtinska Sredna Gora as Karadja Dagh in Turkish

The mountain is divided into three parts by the rivers Topolnitsa and Stryama — a western (Zapadna or Ihtimanska Sredna Gora), a central (Sashtinska Sredna Gora) and an eastern part (Sarnena Gora).

The fauna of Sredna Gora is relatively poor compared to other regions of Bulgaria, with typical Central European species being present.

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The copper ore used for the manufacture of the Varna culture artifacts originated from a Sredna Gora mine near Stara Zagora. Varna culture flourished in 4400-4100 BC.


Srednogorie Heights on Graham Land in Antarctica are named after Sredna Gora.

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Coordinates: 42°30′N 25°00′E / 42.500°N 25.000°E / 42.500; 25.000