The Sports Ground (Ukrainian: Спортивне поле: Russian: Спортивное поле) in Kyiv, Ukraine was the first permanent sports stadium in the Russian Empire.[1] It was opened on 12 August 1912, and used during the First All-Russian (Imperial) Olympiad in 1913. It was located in the old historic area of Lukianivka (50°27′27.6″N 30°29′21″E / 50.457667°N 30.48917°E / 50.457667; 30.48917) of Kyiv.

General view of the Sports Ground in Kyiv, during the First Russian Olympiad in 1913.

The Sports Ground was destroyed during World War I.

First All-Russian Olympiad edit

One of the most prominent events in Kyiv at that time was the First All-Russian (Imperial) Olympics. Held in 1913 and dedicated to the opening of the All-Russian industrial exhibition celebrating 300 years of the rule of Romanov family. A stadium was built in Kyiv especially for the competitions – with race-tracks, a cycle-track as well as stands for 5,000 seats. The program of the Olympiad included such sports as track and field, marathon, soccer, wrestling, weight-lifting, fencing, swimming, gymnastics, equestrianism, bicycle and motorcycle racing along the Kyiv – Chernihiv – Kyiv route.[2]

Notes edit

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