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Splash were a Soweto township band of the 1980s and 1990s led by Dan Tshanda, lead vocalist and bass guitar.[1][2][3] In 1991 Dan Tshanda formed a group called Matshikos that was led by his two backing vocalists Penwell kunene and Joseph Tshimange releasing an album The Park Is Mine.

Tshanda died on 5 January 2019, aged 54, from a heart attack.[4]



  • Peacock Gallo BL 555 1986
  • Snake Gallo BL 578 1987
  • Money Gallo BL 624 1988
  • Tshokotshoko Gallo HUL 40183 1989
  • Eye For An Eye Gallo HUL 40201 1990
  • Nesindande Gallo SPLASH 6 1991
  • Khoma Khoma Gallo SPLASH 7 1992
  • One Comma Five Gallo 1993
  • Cellular Gallo 1995
  • Ndosala Gallo 1996
  • Double Face Gallo 1997


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