Spirit Cool popularly known as Spirit[1] is a Canadian singer, songwriter, guitarist and acoustic live looping artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia.[1][2][3] He is a former Guinness World Recordholder for longest marathon guitar playing.[4]

Background information
GenresAcoustic, Live looping, Rock
Occupation(s)Singer, Guitarist, Looping artist
Years active2011–present
LabelsSpiritCool Entertainment
WebsiteOfficial website

He was placed in the "Top 20 Lower Mainland Best New Acts" in the 2013 CBC Music's Searchlight Contest, selected by public vote.[3]

Career edit

In the 1990s, he played in Poetic Justice, a Kitsilano based band. Later, he toured across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan. He has performed with members from Trooper, Prism, Poetic Justice and other bands.[3] He left his construction job to pursue his career in music in 2011, reportedly by Surrey Now.[1]

In 2013, he released his debut album, All The Pieces, which was well received.[1] He uses an acoustic live looping technique to perform original music with an acoustic guitar and his voice.[3][1] Spirit released singles, Where, Oh Where in November 2017, followed by Give It All Back and Hands.[2]

Spirit was placed in the "Top 20 Lower Mainland Best New Acts" in the 2013 CBC Music's Searchlight competition.[3]

World record edit

In May 2018, he entered in the Guinness Book of World's Records for longest marathon guitar playing.[5] He played the guitar for 124.5 hours over six days, breaking the world record of 114 hours of guitar playing, which was previously held by David Browne from Ireland.[4] Later in July 2018, Australian's Scott Burford broke Spirit's record by playing continuous guitar for over 125 hours.[6]

Philanthropy edit

In May 2018, he raised $10,000 funds for the Canadian Cancer Society by performing at the River Rock Casino Resort[7] in memory of his parents, who both died of cancer.[4][8]

Discography[2] edit

Year Track Artist(s)
2013 Come to Think of It Spirit Cool
2013 Thief Spirit Cool
2013 Nothing On Me Spirit Cool
2013 No Goodbyes Spirit Cool
2013 Leave Alone to Love Spirit Cool
2013 Still Waters Run Deep Spirit Cool
2013 Crosshaven Spirit Cool
2013 Tornado Spirit Cool
2013 Soul for Sale Spirit Cool
2013 When It Rains Spirit Cool
2017 Hands Spirit Cool
2017 Where, Oh Where Spirit Cool
2017 Give It All Back Spirit Cool

Albums list edit

Year Albums's Name
2013 All the Pieces
2018 Hands


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