Spine (1986 film)

Spine is a 1986 American horror film written and directed by John Howard and Justin Simmonds and starring Janus Blythe.[1]

Directed byJohn Howard, Justin Simmonds
Release date
CountryUnited States


A madman stalks nurses, brutally stabbing them to death. In his fevered mind, he believes his victims to be a woman from his past named Linda. Police struggle to apprehend him before he can murder and mutilate again.[2]


  • Kathy Rose as First Victim
  • R. Eric Huxley as Lawrence Ashton
  • John Howard as Leo Meadows (as Antoine Herzog)[3]
  • Bill Eberwein as Chuck Roast
  • Marie Dowling as Lori Anderson
  • Dan Watson as Man in Office
  • Abby Sved as Louise Morton
  • James Simonds as Police Captain
  • Donna Sayles as Bobbie Jones
  • Carl Elliot as Sam Joffrey
  • Larry Nielson as Charlie Saunders
  • Lise Romanoff as Leah Petralla
  • Janus Blythe as Carrie Lonegan
  • Brenda Brandon as Computer Technician
  • Terry Simonds as At Police Headquarters
  • Jason Eberweinas At Police Headquarters
  • Roger Watkins as At Police Headquarters (as Ray Hicks)[4]


It was released directly to video somewhere in 1986.[5]


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