Spikethumb frog

Spikethumb frogs are a genus (Plectrohyla) of frogs in the family Hylidae found in Central America from southern Mexico through Guatemala and northern El Salvador to central and northern Honduras. A major revision of the Hylidae moved an additional 21 species to this genus from the genus Hyla.[1] They are called spikethumb because of the spike on their thumbs, which is called a prepollex. The genus name comes from the Greek word plēktron ("spur")[2] and hyla (the genus in which it was formerly placed).

Spikethumb frogs
Plectrohyla dasypus01.jpeg
Plectrohyla dasypus
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Hylidae
Subfamily: Hylinae
Genus: Plectrohyla
Brocchi, 1877

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The following species are recognized in the genus Plectrohyla:

Binomial name and author Common name
Plectrohyla acanthodes Duellman and Campbell, 1992 Thorny spikethumb frog
Plectrohyla avia Stuart, 1952 Greater spikethumb frog
Plectrohyla calvata McCranie, 2017
Plectrohyla chrysopleura Wilson, McCranie & Cruz-Díaz, 1994
Plectrohyla dasypus McCranie & Wilson, 1981 Honduras spikethumb frog
Plectrohyla exquisita McCranie & Wilson, 1998
Plectrohyla glandulosa (Boulenger, 1883) Forest spikethumb frog
Plectrohyla guatemalensis Brocchi, 1877 Guatemala spikethumb frog
Plectrohyla hartwegi Duellman, 1968 Hartweg's spikethumb frog
Plectrohyla hazelae (Taylor, 1940) Hazel's tree frog
Plectrohyla ixil Stuart, 1942 Ixil spikethumb frog
Plectrohyla lacertosa Bumzahem & Smith, 1954 Pop-eyed spikethumb frog
Plectrohyla matudai Hartweg, 1941 Matuda's spikethumb frog
Plectrohyla pokomchi Duellman & Campbell, 1984 Rio Sananja spikethumb frog
Plectrohyla psiloderma McCranie & Wilson, 1999
Plectrohyla pycnochila Rabb, 1959 Thick-lipped spikethumb frog
Plectrohyla quecchi Stuart, 1942 Las Palmas spikethumb frog
Plectrohyla sagorum Hartweg, 1941 Arcane spikethumb frog
Plectrohyla tecunumani Duellman & Campbell, 1984 Cave spikethumb frog
Plectrohyla teuchestes Duellman & Campbell, 1992 Alta Verapaz spikethumb frog


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