Spider-Man (2010 toy line)

Spider-Man is a 3​34" action figure line manufactured by Hasbro to be released in early 2010[needs update] based on the comic book counterparts of characters within the Spider-Man universe. While sharing the same simple title of past 6" lines, this is considered a brand new series and not a continuation of previous ones. This line of figures has more in common with Hasbro's animated series action figure lines such as Wolverine and the X-Men in that it is geared more toward a younger crowd of collectors and the figures are not always fully articulated. Many of the figures come with gimmicks such as special armor or light-up eyes.

Single Carded 3​34" Figures - Series 1Edit

Every action figure in the line comes with three trading cards called "fiercest foe battle cards." Variant figures are noted by an asterisk followed by the wave the variant was released closest to.

Wave 1 - January 2010Edit

# Figure Description Accessories
01 Super Poseable Spider-Man red/blue costume web net
02 Spider Sense Spider-Man red/blue costume, light-up eyes web backpack, webbing
03 Sky Speed Spider-Man red/blue costume web zipline
04 Night Mission Spider-Man black costume snap-on armor
05 Dive Attack Spider-Man red/blue scuba gear snap-on scuba armor
06 Ultra Spider Armor Spider-Man red/grey costume detachable spider armor
07 Dive Bomber Green Goblin classic costume glider, pumpkin bomb
08 Toxic Blast Venom Eddie Brock version, no tongue web missile, web axe
08 * W1 Toxic Blast Venom Eddie Brock version, tongue web missile, web axe

Wave 2 - Spring 2010Edit

# Figure Description Accessories
09 Spider-Charged Glider Spider-Man red/blue costume glider, web net
10 Stealth Ninja Spider-Man red/black costume web whip, armor, sword
11 Web Shield Spider-Man red/blue armor (aquatic) web shield, body armor, 2 wrist blades
12 Power Punch Spider-Man red/blue costume head armor, fist armor, chest plate, web net
13 Mass Attack Doc Ock green/orange costume, has a small goatee detachable tentacles (two pieces, one tentacle each)
14 Power Charge Rhino
15 Web Blast Spider-Man red/blue armor web cannon, web net missile, web cannon stand
16 Arctic Attack Spider-Man red/blue costume white hoodie vest, snowboard, head armor, webbing

Wave 3 - August 2010Edit

# Figure Description Accessories
17 Spider Vision Spider-Man red/black costume web battery backpack, web spray
18 Air Assault Hobgoblin orange/purple costume glider, pumpkin bomb, cape
19 Power Armor Doc Ock green/orange costume harness with 8 tentacles
20 Shockproof Spider-Man white/gray costume power pack, cables, web gauntlets, chest armor, mask
21 Web-Slinging Spider-Man red/light blue costume web spray, zip line (suction cups, web handle, string)
22 Mega Arms Spider-Man red/blue costume harness with 4 tentacles, mask
23 Blaster Armor Spider-Man red/blue costume head/torso armor, gauntlet, web shield, web launcher, web projectile
24 Battle Glider Black Costume Spider-Man metallic black/silver costume glider harness with cloth wings, web spray

Wave 4 - September 2010Edit

# Figure Description Accessories
BONUS Monster Claw Carnage web axe, claw
BONUS Spider-Man Ben Reilly costume

Single Carded 3​34" Figures - Series 2Edit

Wave 5 - February 2011Edit

# Figure Description Accessories
01 Spider-Man web attack
02 Stretch Strike Venom Mac Gargan version stretchy symbiote attack
03 Ocean Battle Spider-Man water web launcher
04 Orbital Assault Spider-Man rotating extend web
05 Web Winged Spider-Man zip line attack

Wave 6 - February 2011Edit

# Figure Description Accessories
06 Stinger Strike Scorpion Ultimate costume
07 Sewer Clash Lizard
08 Space Crusader Spider-Man
09 Sword Attack (Black Costume) Spider-Man

Battle PacksEdit

These are 3-packs which consist of repaints of single-carded figures and accessories, many of which are metallic and/or translucent.

Wave 1 - September 2010Edit

Name Figures Description Accessories
Air Mission Flight Adventure Spider-Man
Sky Bomber Green Goblin
Web Net Spider-Man
translucent red & blue armor
translucent green
translucent blue version of black costume
translucent glider & translucent pumpkin bomb
web cannon, web net missile, web cannon stand
Land Attack Fire Blast Spider-Man
Ice Armor Spider-Man
Rock Crusher Rhino
black costume
metallic red & translucent blue costume
translucent orange & metallic blue highlights
translucent orange snap-on armor
body armor, 2 wrist blades
removable armor
Water Rumble Aqua Venom
Armored Attack Spider-Man
Deep Dive Spider-Man
translucent blue
metallic red & blue costume
metallic red & translucent blue costume

translucent yellow tentacles
snap-on scuba gear

Web BattlersEdit

This is a series of 6" figures, each with a specific webbing-based action that is activated by squeezing the figure's legs. The figures have little articulation and the webbing accessories are permanently attached.

Wave 1 - February 2011Edit

Figure Description Features
Launchin' Web Spider-Man red/blue costume launching web attack
Spinnin' Staff Spider-Man red/blue costume flip-up missile launchers
Whippin' Web-Chuk Spider-Man red/blue costume web-chuk smash attack

Battle VehiclesEdit

These large vehicles each come with a 3​34" figure. They have less articulation than the single carded figures, only allowing movement of the neck, shoulder and hip.

Wave 1 - March 2011Edit

Name Figure Description Features
Attack Cruiser Spider-Man race car sliding cockpit shield, launching capture missiles
Armored Roadster Spider-Man armored car flip-up missile launchers
Web Jet Spider-Man jet plane scoop & capture web, 2 launching missiles, opening cockpit

Zoom N' GoEdit

This is a series of small vehicles have "pull back racing action". When the vehicle is pulled back and let go, it races forward automatically. The character attached to each vehicle cannot be removed. Hasbro uses Zoom N' Go vehicles in many of their toy lines, usually just repainting older toys and swapping out the attached character.

Wave 1 - March 2010Edit

Vehicle Figure Description Features
Spider Racer Spider-Man red/blue quad, red/blue costume
Web Rider Spider-Man red/blue bike, red/blue costume

Wave 2 - June 2010Edit

Vehicle Figure Description Features
Quad Cruiser Spider-Man blue/black quad, red/blue costume
Street Spider Spider-Man red/black bike, red/black costume

Wave 4 - February 2011Edit

Vehicle Figure Description Features
Desert Defender Spider-Man red/blue dune buggy; red/blue costume
Turbo Spider Spider-Man red/blue bike; red/blue costume

Web SplashersEdit

This is a series of water play vehicles, each of which comes with a 3​34" figure. These are less articulated than the single carded figures, offering neck and shoulder articulation only.

The first wave of figures has the grammatically incorrect "Web Splasher's" on the card, which was corrected to "Web Splashers" in the second wave.

Wave 1 - March 2010Edit

Name Figure Description Features
Sea Spider Spider-Man speedboat, red/blue costume shoots water
Wave Charger Spider-Man jet ski, red/blue/black costume shoots water
Water Spitter Venom pontoon boat, black/white costume shoots water

Wave 2 - 2010Edit

Name Figure Description Features
Hyperwave Spider-Man speedboat, red/black/white costume shoots water

Large Scale FiguresEdit

Release Date Figure Features Accessories
March 2010 Wisecracking Spider-Man red/blue costume; repaint of Spectacular Spider-Man figure with new head sculpt; 10 electronic phrases; 2 AAA batteries included 2 launching web missiles, webline

Role PlayEdit

Role play toys are products such as masks, gloves, and life-size accessories. These toys were not released in waves.

Release Date Product Features
March 2010 Mega Blaster Web Shooter with Glove blasts web and water, includes can of web fluid; modeled after red/blue costume
March 2010 Web Fluid Refill 118 ml refill canister for Mega Blaster Web Shooter
October 2010 Web Blaster with Mask includes web-blaster, mask, glove, 5 stretchy webs to use with web-blaster, belt clip; modeled after red/blue costume
October 2010 Hero Mask modeled after red/blue costume

Single Carded 2" FiguresEdit

This is a series of small figured with limited articulation being marketed alongside the regular 3​34" line. No accessories are included with any of the figures.

Wave 1 - January 2010Edit

Figure Description
Black Costume Spider-Man black costume
Green Goblin
Spider-Man red/blue costume, left arm points to the left
Spider-Man red/blue costume, left arm has clenched fist
Venom Eddie Brock version

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  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a toyline from Hasbro made up mainly of 3​34" scale action figures based on the movie of the same name.

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