List of Sphingidae species

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This is a species list for the family Sphingidae of moths (Lepidoptera), commonly known as hawk-moths. This list contains all known species of Sphingidae in order of subfamily. There should be about 1,288 species listed. There are three subfamilies:

The species list is given below.

Subfamily MacroglossinaeEdit

Genus AcosmerycoidesEdit

Genus AcosmeryxEdit

Genus AelloposEdit

Genus AleuronEdit

Genus AmpelophagaEdit

Genus AmphionEdit

Genus AngonyxEdit

Genus AntinepheleEdit

Genus AtemnoraEdit

Genus BaniwaEdit

Genus BarbourionEdit

Genus BasiothiaEdit

Genus CallionimaEdit

Genus CautethiaEdit

Genus CechenenaEdit

Genus CentroctenaEdit

Genus CephonodesEdit

Genus ChaerocinaEdit

Genus CizaraEdit

Genus ClarinaEdit

Genus DahiraEdit

Genus DaphnisEdit

Genus DarapsaEdit

Genus DeidamiaEdit

Genus DeilephilaEdit

Genus ElibiaEdit

Genus EnpinangaEdit

Genus EnyoEdit

Genus ErinnyisEdit

Genus EuchloronEdit

Genus EumorphaEdit

Genus EupanacraEdit

Genus EuproserpinusEdit

Genus EupyrrhoglossumEdit

Genus EurypteryxEdit

Genus GiganteopalpusEdit

Genus GnathothlibusEdit

Genus GriseosphinxEdit

Genus HayesianaEdit

Genus HemarisEdit

Genus HemeroplanesEdit

Genus HimantoidesEdit

Genus HippotionEdit

Genus HylesEdit

Genus HypaedaleaEdit

Genus IsognathusEdit

Genus KloneusEdit

Genus LeucostrophusEdit

Genus MaasseniaEdit

Genus MacroglossumEdit

Genus MadoryxEdit

Genus MicracosmeryxEdit

Genus MicrosphinxEdit

Genus NeogurelcaEdit

Genus NepheleEdit

Genus NyceryxEdit

Genus OdontosidaEdit

Genus OrybaEdit

Genus PachygonidiaEdit

Genus PachyliaEdit

Genus PachylioidesEdit

Genus PergesaEdit

Genus PerigoniaEdit

Genus PhanoxylaEdit

Genus PhilodilaEdit

Genus PhryxusEdit

Genus ProserpinusEdit

Genus ProtaleuronEdit

Genus PseudenyoEdit

Genus PseudoangonyxEdit

Genus PseudosphinxEdit

Genus RetheraEdit

Genus RhagastisEdit

Genus RhodafraEdit

Genus SphecodinaEdit

Genus SphingonaepiopsisEdit

Genus StolidopteraEdit

Genus TemnoraEdit

Genus TemnoripaisEdit

Genus TheretraEdit

Genus TinostomaEdit

Genus UnzelaEdit

Genus XylophanesEdit

Subfamily SmerinthinaeEdit

Genus AcanthosphinxEdit

Genus AdhemariusEdit

Genus AfroclanisEdit

Genus AfrosataspesEdit

Genus AfrosphinxEdit

Genus AgnosiaEdit

Genus AkbesiaEdit

Genus AmbulyxEdit

Genus AmorphaEdit

Genus AmplypterusEdit

Genus AnambulyxEdit

Genus AndriasaEdit

Genus AvinoffiaEdit

Genus BatocnemaEdit

Genus CadiouclanisEdit

Genus CallambulyxEdit

Genus CeridiaEdit

Genus ChloroclanisEdit

Genus ClanidopsisEdit

Genus ClanisEdit

Genus CoenotesEdit

Genus CoequosaEdit

Genus CompsulyxEdit

Genus CraspedorthaEdit

Genus CypaEdit

Genus CypoidesEdit

Genus DaphnusaEdit

Genus DargeclanisEdit

Genus DegmapteraEdit

Genus DolbinaEdit

Genus FalcatulaEdit

Genus GrillotiusEdit

Genus GynoeryxEdit

Genus HopliocnemaEdit

Genus ImberEdit

Genus KentrochrysalisEdit

Genus LangiaEdit

Genus LaothoeEdit

Genus LarundaEdit

Genus LeptoclanisEdit

Genus LeucophlebiaEdit

Genus LikomaEdit

Genus LophostethusEdit

Genus LycosphingiaEdit

Genus MalgassoclanisEdit

Genus MarumbaEdit

Genus MicroclanisEdit

Genus MimasEdit

Genus MonardaEdit

Genus MorwenniusEdit

Genus NeoclanisEdit

Genus NeopolyptychusEdit

Genus OpistoclanisEdit

Genus OplerclanisEdit

Genus OrectaEdit

Genus PachysphinxEdit

Genus PaoniasEdit

Genus ParumEdit

Genus PentateuchaEdit

Genus PhyllosphingiaEdit

Genus PhylloxiphiaEdit

Genus PierreclanisEdit

Genus PlatysphinxEdit

Genus PoliodesEdit

Genus PolyptychoidesEdit

Genus PolyptychopsisEdit

Genus PolyptychusEdit

Genus ProtambulyxEdit

Genus PseudandriasaEdit

Genus PseudoclanisEdit

Genus PseudopolyptychusEdit

Genus RhadinopasaEdit

Genus RhodambulyxEdit

Genus RhodoprasinaEdit

Genus RufoclanisEdit

Genus SataspesEdit

Genus SmerinthulusEdit

Genus SmerinthusEdit

Genus SphingulusEdit

Genus SynoechaEdit

Genus TetrachroaEdit

Genus TrogolegnumEdit

Genus ViriclanisEdit

Genus XenosphingiaEdit

Subfamily SphinginaeEdit

Genus AcherontiaEdit

Genus AdhemariusEdit

Genus AgriusEdit

Genus AmphimoeaEdit

Genus AmphonyxEdit

Genus ApocalypsisEdit

Genus CallosphingiaEdit

Genus CeratomiaEdit

Genus CocytiusEdit

Genus CoeloniaEdit

Genus DolbaEdit

Genus DolbogeneEdit

Genus DovaniaEdit

Genus EllenbeckiaEdit

Genus EuryglottisEdit

Genus HoplistopusEdit

Genus IsoparceEdit

Genus LaparaEdit

Genus LeucomoniaEdit

Genus LintneriaEdit

Genus LitosphingiaEdit

Genus LomocymaEdit

Genus MacropolianaEdit

Genus ManducaEdit

Genus MegacormaEdit

Genus MeganotonEdit

Genus MorcocytiusEdit

Genus NannoparceEdit

Genus NeococytiusEdit

Genus NeogeneEdit

Genus OligographaEdit

Genus PanogenaEdit

Genus PantophaeaEdit

Genus ParatreaEdit

Genus PolianaEdit

Genus PraedoraEdit

Genus PseudococytiusEdit

Genus PseudodolbinaEdit

Genus PsilogrammaEdit

Genus SagenosomaEdit

Genus SphingiditesEdit

Genus SphinxEdit

Genus ThamnoechaEdit

Genus XanthopanEdit


External linksEdit

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