SpellCaster (video game)

SpellCaster is a Sega Master System video game that stars a character named Kane. This game was known in Japan as Kujaku Ō (孔雀王, Peacock King) and in South America as Warrior Quest. It had a sequel, Mystic Defender.

North American cover art
Designer(s)Nanno Koreshiki
Izumi Black 55
Alex Yoko
Rieko Kodama
Naoto Ohshima
Composer(s)Sachio Ogawa
Platform(s)Sega Master System
  • EU: 1989
  • NA: September 1989[1]
  • JP: September 23, 1988
Genre(s)Action RPG


The game starts when Kane is summoned by Daikak, the great leader of the Summit Temple, to stop a war between factions of warlords. The player explores temples and defeats enemies like ghosts, ninja and feral beasts. There are also villages to explore and people to talk to as the player assembles clues on who desecrated his home town's temple and killed its guardians. The quest takes the player across medieval Japan and to the Underworld.


S: The Sega Magazine gave the game a positive review, giving it a 91% score.[2]


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