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Special charter (New Jersey)

New Jersey municipal government Flag of New Jersey
Traditional types
Borough Township
City Town Village
Modern forms
Walsh Act commission
1923 municipal manager
Faulkner Act forms
Mayor–council Council–manager
Small municipality
Nonstandard forms
Special charter
Changing form of municipal government
Charter Study Commission

A special charter allows a New Jersey municipality to operate under a charter that differs from those of the traditional forms of government or the many options available under the Faulkner Act. Under the terms of the New Jersey State Constitution of 1947 and the Faulkner Act of 1950, a municipality may obtain a special charter form from the New Jersey Legislature, providing a unique form of governmental organization for that community.[1]



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  2. ^ Local Government, Bloomfield Township. Accessed January 14, 2019. "Bloomfield operates under a Special Charter granted under an Act of the New Jersey Legislature. The township is governed by a mayor and a six member Township Council. The mayor and three council members are elected at-large, and three members are elected from each of three wards, with all positions chosen on a partisan basis as part of the November general election."
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