Special Delivery (2022 film)

Special Delivery (Korean특송; Hanja特送; RRTeuksong) is a 2022 South Korean crime action film, written and directed by Park Dae-min for M Pictures. Starring Park So-dam, Song Sae-byeok and Kim Eui-sung, the film revolves around a delivery driver (Park So-dam) with a 100% success rate, things start happening when she is involved in an unexpected incident after a young child (Jung Hyeon-jun) boards into her car. It was theatrical released on January 12, 2022.

Special Delivery
Special Delivery film poster.jpg
Release poster
Revised RomanizationTeuksong
Directed byPark Dae-min
Screenplay byPark Dae-min
Produced byKim Bong-seo
CinematographyHong Jae-sik
Edited byKim Sun-min
Music byHwang Sang-jun
Title music"Can You Drive?"
M Pictures Co., Ltd
Distributed byNext Entertainment World
Release date
  • January 12, 2022 (2022-01-12)
Running time
108 minutes
CountrySouth Korea
Box officeUS$3.58 million[1][2]

The film was officially invited in Harbour section at the 51st International Film Festival Rotterdam held from January 26 to February 6, 2022.[3] On box office, it earned a gross of US$3.46 million and garnered 439,177 admissions.[2]


Eun-ha is a delivery clerk with a 100% track record of delivering unusal items. One day, Eun-ha leaves for Seoul to pick up a client, who is involved in the city's gambling trade, but she meets the client's son Kim Seo-wan at the pick-up point. Meanwhile, Kyeong-pil, a police officer and the mastermind behind the gambling trade, chases after Seo-wan to retrieve a security key to the bank account that holds US$30 million, which is in his possession. The rest of the story revolves around how Eun-Ha protects Seo-wan from Kyeong-pil.


Special appearanceEdit


Production began on May 29, 2019 with Park So-dam, Song Sae-byeok, Kim Eui-sung and Jung Hyeon-jun confirmed as cast. Park Dae-min was confirmed as director of the crime action film. Park So-dam and Jung Hyeon-jun are working together after 2019 film Parasite.[10] Yeon Woo-jin, Yeom Hye-ran and Han Hyun-min joined the cast in supporting roles.[6] Principal photography began on May 29, 2019 for this chase film. Script reading photos were revealed on June 4.[11]


Original soundtrack of the film was released on January 5, 2022. This is third venture of music director Hwang Sang-joon, for director Park Dae-min after Private Eye (2009) and Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River (2016). The music has been appreciated by the audience who watched the preview.[12]

Original soundtrackEdit

Special Delivery
Soundtrack album by
Hwang Sang-jun (Leadingtone)
ReleasedJanuary 5, 2022
  • Music & New
  • Reading Tone
  • Liway Music & Media Co., Ltd.
Official audio
Special Delivery - Full Album on YouTube
Released on January 5, 2022 (2022-01-05)[13]
1."Follow You"Cardigan Club3:52
2."Make Your Money, Shake It"Black Gatsby2:54
3."Can You Drive?"Hwang Sang-jun1:03
4."First Express"Hwang Sang-jun2:22
5."Delivery"Eunji Park3:21
6."Villain"Eunji Park3:05
7."No Problem"Taehyun Lee3.26
8."Speed1"Hwang Sang-jun2:01
9."Speed2"Hwang Sang-jun3:21
10."Drop"Taehyun Lee3:42
11."Villain Ver2"Eunji Park2:36
12."Smog"Hwang Sang-jun4:35
13."Parking Lot Action"Eunji Park3:37
14."My Partner"Hwang Sang-jun1:23
15."Express Epilogue"Eunji Park2:13
Total length:43:31


The film was scheduled for theatrical release on January 5, 2022,[14] but the date was pushed to a week later to January 12.[15] The film was officially invited in the Harbour section at the 51st International Film Festival Rotterdam, which was held from January 26 to February 6, 2022,[3] and in the competition section at the 24th Udine Far East Film Festival held from April 22 to April 30, 2022.[16] Additionally, it was pre-sold to 47 countries around the world. After its release on January 12 in South Korea, it released in Hong Kong, Singapore and Mongolia on 13 and 14 January, and in Indonesia and Taiwan on 19 and 28 January respectively.[17] It was also invited to the 26th Fantasia International Film Festival and was screened for its North American premiere on July 14, 2022.[18][19]

The film entered the thriller competition section of the 40th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival and was screened for Belgian premiere on September 6, 2022.[20][21]

Home mediaEdit

The film was made available for streaming on IPTV (Olleh TV, B TV, LG U+ TV), Home Choice, TVING, Naver TV, WAVVE, Google Play, KT skylife, Cinefox and KakaoPage from February 4, 2022.[22]


Box officeEdit

The film was released on 995 screens on January 12, 2021.[23] As per Korean Film Council (Kofic) integrated computer network, the film with 233,462 admissions ranked no. 2 on the Korean box office on opening weekend.[24][25]

As of July 5, 2022, it grossed US$3.25 million along with 443,177 admissions.[2]

Critical responseEdit

Baek Seung-chan of Kyunghyang Shinmun appreciated the performances of Park So-dam and Song Sae-byeok. Comparing the film with the American films Baby Driver (2017) and Drive (2011), Baek stated that the film is fun, and "the scene design that takes advantage of the cultural characteristics of Korea is interesting". However he was critical of the way the film treated children. Concluding he wrote, "Special Delivery easily utilizes the plight of the socially disadvantaged and children as a combination suitable for genre films."[26]


Year Award Category Recipient(s) Result Ref.
2022 58th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actress Park So-dam Nominated [27][28]
Best Technical Award (Martial Arts) Choi Seong-gyeom Nominated
26th Fantasia International Film Festival Jury’s Special Mention Special Delivery Won [29][30]
Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival Black Raven Pending [21]
Chunsa Film Art Awards 2022 Best Actress Park So-dam Pending [31]
43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards Best Actress Pending [32]
58th Grand Bell Awards Best Actress Pending [33]


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