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[[File:Marmo z17.JPG|thumb|right|Marble in Carrara marble quarry, Italy]]
[[File:Taj Mahal in March 2004.jpg|thumb|The [[Taj Mahal]] is entirely clad in marble.]]
'''Marble''' is a [[metamorphic rock]] composed of recrystallized [[carbonate minerals]], most commonly [[calcite]] or [[dolomite]]. Marble may be [[Foliation (geology)|foliated]]. GeologistsIn use[[geology]] the term "marble" to referrefers to metamorphosed [[limestone]]; however, stonemasonsbut its use thein term[[stonemasonry]] more broadly to encompassencompasses unmetamorphosed limestone.<ref>Kearey, Philip (2001). ''Dictionary of Geology'', Penguin Group, London and New York, p. 163. {{ISBN|978-0-14-051494-0}}</ref> Marble is commonly used for [[Marble sculpture|sculpture]] and as a [[architecture|building]] material.