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Dracula (1931 English-language film)

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Among those uncredited were:
* The film's producer/director [[Tod Browning]] as the off-screen voice of the harbormaster.
* [[Carla Laemmle]] in a cameo at the start of the film as a woman with glasses in the coach carrying Renfield and reading aloud from a travel brochure of the area, “Among the rugged peaks that frown down upon the Borgo Pass are found crumbling castles of a bygone age…”<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Home – Official Laemmle Legacy Family WebsiteLaemmle.US – The Official Laemmle Legacy Family Website|date=April 12, 2013|publisher=|deadurl=bot: unknown|archiveurl=|archivedate=April 12, 2013|df=mdy-all}}</ref> Laemmle was one of the last surviving [[Silentsilent Era]]film|silent film era]] stars having died in 2014, 4 months before her 105th birthday. She was a cousin of the film's producer [[Carl Laemmle Jr.]] and niece of Universal Studios founder [[Carl Laemmle]].
* [[Geraldine Dvorak]], [[Cornelia Thaw]], [[Dorothy Tree]] as Dracula's brides (although some sources refer to them as "Dracula's wives").
[[File:CarlaLaemmle Dracula.gif|thumb|right|Carla Laemmle in ''Dracula'' (1931), directed by Tod Browning.]]
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