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List of monarchs of Brazil

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During the imperial era, King John VI of Portugal briefly held the honorific style of Titular Emperor of Brazil under the [[Treaty of Rio de Janeiro (1825)|1825 Treaty of Rio de Janeiro]], by which Portugal recognized the [[independence of Brazil]]. The style of Titular Emperor was a life title, and became extinct upon the holder's demise. John VI held the imperial title for a few months only, from the ratification of the Treaty in November 1825 until his death in March 1826. During those months, however, as John's imperial title was purely honorific, Emperor Pedro I remained the sole monarch of the empire.
Members of the [[House of Braganza]] had already ruled Brazil as part of the [[Kingdom of Portugal]] since the restoration of the independence of Portugal in 1640. Previous [[List of Portuguese monarchs|portuguese monarchs]] of another royal houses also ruled the [[Colony of Brazil]] from [[Lisbon]] since 1500. Thus the monarchical title to Brazil was created only in 1815 when the colony was elevated to the status of [[Kingdom of Brazil|Kingdom]] equal and united with [[Kingdom of Portugal|Portugal]], after seven years of the Portuguese court's stay in [[Rio de Janeiro]]. The [[Kingdom of Brazil]] was a country inside the [[United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarves]] in dynastic union under the Portuguese crown. However, there was never exactly a title of King of Brazil, but King of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarves. The main difference is that the previous portuguese Kings asand the Kings of Brazil ruled the country as an [[absolute monarchy]] until 1822 in [[personal union]] with the Kingdom of Portugal, whileuntil the Emperorsindependence and subsequent creation of the independent[[Empire of Brazil]], which was ruled by the Emperors as a [[constitutional monarchy]].
==Imperial title==