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Conclusion of Orthodox rebuttal
====Conclusion of Orthodox rebuttal====
The Catholic position is that Rome's bishop stands out from the others because he has a special ''charism'' handed down from Peter. As shown above Rome's greatness was found in the two apostles Peter and Paul; that there was no difference between them. The Church Fathers state that the keys are held by others; John the Evangelist, for example, and the church as a whole. The Church Fathers also say that ''rock'' refers not just to Peter, but to the church, to Jesus, and to the Christian faith. Further there was no difference between one of Peter's Sees from another. Orthodox maintain that all bishops are equal. All are called to be ''rock''.
As a reflection of the Trinity the church is united by love, not a formal adherence to one particular bishop in one particular location. For Orthodox, each individual to truly be a person must also be engaged in this unity of love with other persons.<ref>Fitzgerald, K. K., (2006)''Persons in Communion – A Theology of Authentic Relationships'', (InterOrthodox Press; Berkeley, CA), p58.</ref> The Trinity too is joined by a union of love - with each member of the Trinity fully God. Each church is fully catholic united by love. To change the structure of the church would change how we perceive God, and also how we must interact with each other.
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