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Dracula (1931 English-language film)

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To many film lovers and critics alike, Lugosi's portrayal is widely regarded as the definitive Dracula. Lugosi had a powerful presence and authority on-screen. The slow, deliberate pacing of his performance ("I bid you… welcome!" and "I never drink… wine!") gave his Dracula the air of a walking, talking [[Dead body|corpse]], which terrified 1931 movie audiences. He was just as compelling with no dialogue, and the many close-ups of Lugosi's face in icy silence jumped off the screen. With this mesmerizing performance, Dracula became Bela Lugosi's signature role, his Dracula a [[cultural icon]], and he himself a legend in the classic [[Universal Horror]] film series.
However, Dracula would ultimately become a role which would prove to be both a blessing and a curse. Despite his earlier stage successes in a variety of roles, from the moment Lugosi donned the cape on screen, it would forever see him [[Typecasting (acting)|typecast]] as the Count.<ref>{{Cite book|url=http|title=Bela Lugosi in Person|last=Jr|first=William M. Kaffenberger|last2=Rhodes|first2=Gary D.|last3=Croft|first3=Ann|date=May 25, 2015|publisher=BearManor Media|isbn=9781593938055|location=Albany, GA|language=English}}</ref>
Browning would go on to direct Lugosi once more in another vampire thriller, ''[[Mark of the Vampire]]'', a 1935 remake of his lost silent film ''[[London After Midnight (film)|London After Midnight]]'' (1927).