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In addition to his recordings and performances, Robbins was an avid [[race car]] driver, [[Competition|competing]] in 35 career [[NASCAR]] Grand National (now Monster Energy Cup) races with six top-10 finishes,<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Career Statistics | |date= |accessdate=2015-08-17}}</ref> including the 1973 [[1973 Medal of Honor Firecracker 400|Firecracker 400]].<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=1973 Medal of Honor Firecracker 400 | |date=1973-07-04 |accessdate=2015-08-17}}</ref> In 1967, Robbins played himself in the car racing film ''Hell on Wheels''.<ref>{{cite web|url= ||title=Hell on Wheels|accessdate=2015-08-17}}</ref> Robbins was partial to [[Dodge]]s prepared by NASCAR Hall-of-Famer [[Cotton Owens]], and owned and raced [[Dodge Charger|Chargers]] and then a 1978 [[Dodge Magnum]]. He was also the driver of the 60th [[Indianapolis 500]] [[Buick Century]] [[pace car]] in 1976. His last race was in a [[Junior Johnson]]-built 1982 [[Buick Regal]] in the [[Atlanta Journal 500]] on November 7, 1982, a month before his death.
Robbins had a history of cardiovascular disease. After his third heart attack on December 2, 1982, he underwent [[Coronary artery bypass surgery|quadruple coronary bypass surgery]]. He did not recover and died six days later on December 8, 1982 at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville. He was 57 years old.<ref>{{cite news | last = Pareles | first = Jon | date = 1982-12-10 | title = Marty Robbins, Singer, 57; Won a Grammy for 'El Paso' | url = | newspaper = New York Times | location = New York, NY | access-date = 2016-10-12 }}</ref>
==Music and honors==