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Susan Smith

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| children = Michael Daniel (1991–1994)<br>Alexander Tyler (1993–1994)
'''Susan Leigh Vaughan-Smith''' (born September 26, 1971) is an American [[convict]] who was sentenced to [[Life imprisonment|life in prison]] for [[filicide]]murder. Born in [[Union, South Carolina]], she is a former student of the [[University of South Carolina Union|University of South Carolina]]. On July 22, 1995, she was convicted of the drowning deaths of her two sons, three-year-old Michael Daniel Smith, and 14-month-old Alexander Tyler Smith.<ref name="Spitz, 2006">Spitz, D.J. (2006): Investigation of Bodies in Water. In: Spitz, W.U. & Spitz, D.J. (eds): ''Spitz and Fisher’s Medicolegal Investigation of Death. Guideline for the Application of Pathology to Crime Investigations (Fourth edition)'', Charles C. Thomas, pp.: 846–881; Springfield, Illinois.</ref>
The case gained international attention shortly after it developed, due to her false claim that a black man had carjacked her maroon [[Mazda]] [[Mazda 323|Protegé]] and kidnapped her sons. Her defense attorneys, [[David Bruck]] and [[Judy Clarke]], called expert witnesses to testify that she suffered from [[Mental disorder|mental health issues]] that impaired her judgment when she committed the crimes.<ref>{{cite web|title=Susan Smith, Mother Who Killed Kids:|url=|website=NBC News|accessdate=9 June 2016}}</ref>
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