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Zapatista Army of National Liberation

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The Zapatistas invited the world to a three-day fiesta to celebrate ten years of Zapatista autonomy in August 2013 in the five caracoles of Chiapas. They expected 1,500 international activists to attend the event, titled the Little School of Liberty.<ref>Leonidas Oikonomakis on August 6, 2013 Zapatistas celebrate 10 years of autonomy with ‘escuelita’</ref><ref>"the Little School of Liberty according to the Zapatistas"</ref>
The Zapatistas were mistakenly thought to have broke with a two-decade tradition of rejecting Mexican electoral politics by running a candidate for the [[Mexican general election, 2018|2018 Mexican general election]].<ref>{{Cite web |title=Zapatistas Meet to Elect First Indigenous Presidential Candidate |work=[[TeleSUR]] |date=2017-05-27 |url= |accessdate=2017-05-30 |df=mdy-all }}</ref> However, in actuality, they are simply backing an Indigenous woman candidate from the National Indigenous Congress (an organization outside the Zapatista movement, but that is in mutual solidarity with the EZLN) who will be proposing a parallel government that eschews the purported-cum-hollow "democratic" process of electoral politics, which have widely been proven to be overdetermined by corporate interests and the power-retaining motives of the neoliberal bourgeois state.
== Ideology ==