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Marty Robbins

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Robbins was born in [[Glendale, Arizona|Glendale]], a suburb of [[Phoenix, Arizona|Phoenix]] in [[Maricopa County, Arizona|Maricopa County]], Arizona. HisIts been claimed that his mother was mostly of [[Paiute|Paiute Indian]] heritage.<ref>{{cite book | last = Pruett | first = Barbara J. | title = Marty Robbins: Fast Cars and Country Music | publisher = | url = | accessdate = 2014-04-24}}</ref> however both his parents where listed as "white" in US censuses. Robbins was reared in a difficult family situation. His father took odd jobs to support the family of 10 children, but his drinking led to divorce in 1937. Among his warmer memories of his childhood, Robbins recalled having listened to stories of the [[American West]] told by his maternal grandfather, Texas Bob Heckle, who was a local medicine man.<ref name="google">{{cite book|title=Rhymes of the Frontier|date=1929|url=|accessdate=2014-10-25}}</ref> Robbins left the troubled home at 17 to serve in the [[United States Navy]] as an [[Landing craft tank|LCT]] [[coxswain]] during [[World War II]]. He was stationed in the [[Solomon Islands]] in the Pacific Ocean. To pass the time during the war, he learned to play the guitar, started writing songs,<ref name=pc10/> and came to love [[Hawaiian music]].
After his [[Military discharge|discharge]] from the military in 1947, he began to play at local [[Music venue|venues]] in [[Phoenix, Arizona|Phoenix]],<ref name=pc10/> then moved on to [[Host (radio)|host]] his own show on [[KIHP (AM)|KTYL]] and then his own television show on [[KPHO|KPHO-TV]] in Phoenix. After [[Little Jimmy Dickens]] made a [[guest appearance]] on Robbins' TV show, Dickens got Robbins a [[record deal]] with [[Columbia Records]]. Robbins became known for his appearances at the [[Grand Ole Opry]] in [[Nashville, Tennessee|Nashville]], Tennessee. In 1980, he appeared on the [[PBS]] music program ''[[Austin City Limits]]'' during Season 5.
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