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Dracula (1931 English-language film)

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[[File:Dracula trailer (1931).webm|thumb|thumbtime=11|upright=1.5|Trailer]]
'''''Dracula''''' is a 1931 American [[Pre-Code Hollywood|prePre-Code]] [[Vampire film|vampire]]-[[horror film]] directed by [[Tod Browning]] and starring [[Bela Lugosi]] as [[Count Dracula]]. The film was produced by [[Universal Studios|Universal]] and is based on the 1924 stage play ''[[Dracula (1924 play)|Dracula]]'' by [[Hamilton Deane]] and [[John L. Balderston]], which in turn is loosely based on the novel ''[[Dracula]]'' by [[Bram Stoker]].<ref>[[David J. Skal|Skal, David J.]] (2004). ''Hollywood Gothic: The Tangled Web of Dracula from Novel to Stage to Screen'', Paperback ed. New York: Faber & Faber; ISBN 0-571-21158-5<!-- page(s) needed --></ref>