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Zapatista Army of National Liberation

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In mid-2004, COCOPA head [[Luis H. Álvarez]] stated that Marcos had not been seen in Chiapas for some time. The EZLN received little press coverage during this time, although it continued to develop the local governments it had created earlier. In August, Marcos sent eight brief communiqués to the Mexican press, published from August 20 through 28. The series was entitled ''Reading a Video'' (possibly mocking political [[video scandals]] that occurred earlier that year). It began and ended as a kind of written description of an imaginary low-budget Zapatista video, with the rest being Marcos' comments on political events of the year and the EZLN's current stance and development.
In 2005, Marcos made headlines again by comparing the then presidential candidate [[Andrés Manuel López Obrador]] to [[Carlos Salinas de Gortari]] (as part of a broad criticism of the three main political parties in Mexico, the PAN, PRI, and PRD), and publicly declaring the EZLN in "Red Alert". Shortly thereafter, communiqués announced that the EZLN had undergone a restructuring that enabled them to withstand the loss of their public leadership (Marcos and the CCRICRI). After consulting with their support base, the Zapatistas issued the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle.
Since the Zapatistas' first uprising, the newspaper ''[[La Jornada]]'' has continuously covered them. Most communiqués and many of Marcos's letters are delivered to and only published by ''La Jornada'', and the online edition of the newspaper has a section dedicated to [[The Other Campaign]].
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