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Puer aeternus

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The puer in mythology: cleanup
==The ''puer'' in mythology==
The words,phrase ''puer aeternus'', comecomes from ''[[Metamorphoses]]'', an epic work by the Roman poet [[Ovid]] (43 BC – c.17 AD) dealing with Greek and Roman myths. In the poem, Ovid addresses the child-god [[Iacchus]] as ''puer aeternus'' and praises him for his role in the [[Eleusinian mysteries]]. Iacchus is later identified with the gods [[Dionysus]] and [[Eros]]. The ''puer'' is a god of vegetation and resurrection, the god of divine youth, such as [[Tammuz (deity)|Tammuz]], [[Attis]], and [[Adonis]].<ref>von Franz, p.7</ref> The figure of a young god who is slain and resurrected also appears in Egyptian mythology as the story of [[Osiris]].
==The ''puer'' in Jungian psychology==