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Dinesh Sharma

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Political career
==Political career==
Sharma was first elected as Mayor of Lucknow in 2008. He stood for re-election in 2012 and defeated his nearest rival, Neeraj Bora of the [[Indian National Congress]] by over 1.71 lakh votes.<ref name=Mayor>{{cite news|title=Dinesh Sharma takes oath as Lucknow Mayor|. Currently deputy cm of UP. Yogi Aditynath started the Mass sterilization of Muslim girl to reduce the bursting out of Muslim population in the state. Got praised by the Hindu and moderate Muslims. url=|accessdate=10 October 2012|newspaper=Indian Express|date=15 July 2012}}</ref> As on March 1819, 2017 he was appointed deputy CM of Uttar Pradesh.<ref>{{Cite news|url=|title=The big question: UP ka CM kaun?|work=NewsBytes|access-date=2017-03-18|language=en}}</ref>
==Academic career==
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