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Marty Robbins

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The Cover on Big Iron by Mike Ness.
Robbins was inducted into the [[Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame]] in 1975. For his contribution to the recording industry, Robbins has a star on the [[Hollywood Walk of Fame]] at 6666 [[Hollywood Boulevard|Hollywood Blvd.]]
Robbins has been honored by many bands, including the [[Grateful Dead]] who covered "El Paso" and Bob Weir & Kingfish who covered "Big Iron". [[The Who]]'s 2006 album ''[[Endless Wire (The Who album)|Endless Wire]]'' includes the song "God Speaks of Marty Robbins". The song's composer, [[Pete Townshend]], explained that the song is about God deciding to create the universe just so he can hear some music, "and most of all, one of his best creations, Marty Robbins."<ref>[ ] {{webarchive |url= |date=January 3, 2007 }}</ref> The [[Beasts of Bourbon]] released a song called "The Day Marty Robbins Died" on their 1984 debut album ''The Axeman's Jazz''. [[Johnny Cash]] recorded a version of "[[Big Iron]]" as part of his American Recordings series, which is included in the ''Cash Unearthed'' box set. Both [[Frankie Laine]] and [[Elvis Presley]], among others, recorded versions of Robbins' song "[[You Gave Me a Mountain]]", with Laine's recording reaching the pop and adult contemporary charts in 1969. Johnny Cash also recorded other songs by Robbins including 'I Couldn't Keep From Crying', 'Kate' and 'Song Of The Patriot'. Cash held Robbins in high esteem, having him guest several times on [[The Johnny Cash Show (TV series)|his network TV show]]. Though Elvis never recorded any of Robbins' songs in the studio, he was a big fan and recorded 'You Gave A Mountain' live in concert several times, with it appearing on 15 Presley albums. "Big Iron" was also covered by Mike Ness on his album "Under the Influences", where he paid homage to country music artists.
Robbins' song "Big Iron", originally released on his 1959 album ''[[Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs]]'', gained renewed popularity following its use in the video game ''[[Fallout: New Vegas]]''.
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