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Notable modern-day Peter Pan: HTTP→HTTPS for The New York Times. using AWB
==Notable modern-day Peter Pan==
A prominent example of a celebrity with Peter Pan syndrome was [[Michael Jackson]],<ref name="Hiatt, Brian">{{cite news|title=Michael Jackson: What Went Wrong - Over the past 20 years, Michael Jackson went from being the biggest star in the world to a reclusive broken man. The inside story of his downfall|journal=Rolling Stone|author=Hiatt, Brian|date=July 30, 2009|accessdate=12 September 2012|url=}}</ref><ref name="Corliss, Richard">{{cite news|title=Michael Jackson: The Death of Peter Pan |journal = Time|author=Corliss, Richard|date=26 June 2009|accessdate=12 September 2012|url=,8599,1907344,00.html}}</ref> who said, "I am Peter Pan in my heart".<ref>{{cite news|title=TELEVISION REVIEW; A Neverland World Of Michael Jackson|journal=The New York Times|author=Stanley, Alessandra|date=6 February 2003|url=http|accessdate=12 September 2012}}</ref> Jackson named the 2,700-acre [[Los Olivos, California]] property, where he lived from 1988 to 2005, [[Neverland Ranch]]<ref name="NNM">[ "Neverland Never More"], by William Etling (author of ''Sideways in Neverland: Life in the Santa Ynez Valley''),, 2009</ref><ref>{{cite web |first=Habib |last=Toumi |url= |title=Jackson settles down to his new life in the Persian Gulf |accessdate=November 11, 2006 |work= [[Gulf News]] |date= January 23, 2006}}</ref> after [[Neverland]], the fantasy island on which [[Peter Pan]] lives. He said that it was his way of claiming a childhood he never had, having started early as a performing artist with his family.<ref name="Hiatt, Brian"/><ref name="Corliss, Richard"/> He had built there numerous statues of children, a [[floral clock]], a [[petting zoo]], a movie theater, and a private amusement park containing [[cotton candy]] stands, two railroads, a [[Ferris wheel]], [[carousel]], [[Zipper (ride)|Zipper]], [[Octopus (ride)|Octopus]], [[Pirate ship (ride)|Pirate Ship]], [[Wave Swinger]], Super Slide, [[roller coaster]], [[go-karts]], [[bumper car]]s, a [[tipi]] village, and an [[amusement arcade]];<ref name="USAToday">{{cite news |title=At Neverland, they believe |work=USA Today |first=Cesar G |last=Soriano |date=2003-11-24 |url= }}</ref><ref>{{cite news |title=Vegas Hosting Big Jackson Family Auction. |agency=Associated Press |publisher=Fox News |date=2007-05-29 |url=,2933,276076,00.html?sPage=fnc/entertainment/jackson }}</ref> As ''The New York Daily News'' staff writer, Carrie Milago, reported on 26 June 2009: "On Jackson's dime, thousands of schoolchildren visited over the years, from local kids to sick youngsters from far away." Visitors "often recalled it as dreamlike", she observed.<ref name="Melago, Carrie - Daily News Staff Writer">{{cite news|url=|accessdate=13 September 2012|title=Michael Jackson's Neverland, his own 'Oz' and place to reclaim lost childhood|author=Melago, Carrie - ''Daily News'' Staff Writer|date=June 26, 2009}}</ref> A preschool teacher visiting the site told ''USA Today'' in 2003, Neverland "smells like cinnamon rolls, vanilla and candy and sounds like children laughing".<ref name="Melago, Carrie - Daily News Staff Writer"/>
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