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Susan Smith

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==Additional information==
[[Alternative rock]] group [[Blind Melon]] wrote a song about Smith's murders, "Car Seat (God's Presents)," on their 1995 album, [[Soup (Blind Melon album)|Soup]]. At one time, Smith was incarcerated in the Administrative Segregation Unit in the [[Camille Griffin Graham Correctional Institution]] in [[Columbia, South Carolina]].<ref>Hewitt, Bill. "[,,20105269,00.html Tears of Hate & Pity]." ''[[People (magazine)|People]]''. March 13, 1995. Volume 43, No. 10. Retrieved on October 28, 2010.</ref> While she has been in prison, two correctional officers have been punished for having sex with Smith: Lt. Houston Cagle and Capt. Alfred R. Rowe, Jr.<ref>{{cite web | title = Sex With Child Killer Charged Again | work = ABC News | publisher = | url = | accessdate =7 October 2010 }}</ref> Consequently, she was moved to a prison in Greenwood where she is currently held. In 2003, she placed a personal ad at [[]], which has since been retracted.<ref>[ Susan Smith apology], ''[[]]'', July 17, 2003.</ref>
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