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Construction marble is a stone which is composed of calcite, dolomite or serpentine which is capable of taking a polish.<ref>Marble Institute of America pp. 223 Glossary</ref> More generally in [[construction]], specifically the [[dimension stone]] trade, the term "marble" is used for any crystalline calcitic rock (and some non-calcitic rocks) useful as building stone. For example, [[Tennessee marble]] is really a dense granular fossiliferous gray to pink to maroon [[Ordovician]] limestone that [[geology|geologists]] call the [[Holston Formation]].
[[Ashgabat]], the capital city of [[Turkmenistan]], was recorded in the 2013 ''[[Guinness Book of Records]]'' as having the world's highest concentration of white marble buildings.<ref>{{cite news|url=http |title=Turkmenistan enters record books for having the most white marble buildings &#124; World news | |date= 2013-05-26|accessdate=2013-11-24 |location=London}}</ref>