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SPL II: A Time for Consequences

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In the meantime, back in Hong Kong, Hung's knife-wielding henchman, Ah-zai, kills Wah's colleagues, kidnaps Hung's brother and brings him to a medical centre in Thailand for the heart operation. However, Kit breaks into the medical centre, defeats Ah-zai in a fight, and takes Hung hostage. He then demands that Ko Chun bring Chatchai to him in exchange for Hung. A fight breaks out when Ko Chun and his men show up with Chatchai. Kit and Chatchai team up and defeat all of Ko Chun's men. At the same time, Hung breaks free from his restraints and attacks his brother, but his medical condition deteriorates and he becomes blind as a consequence.
Kit and Chatchai are seemingly no match for Ko Chun after engaging him in a long fight. At one point, Chatchai is knocked out after being stabbed by Ko Chun, who then proceeds to pound Kit against the window until the glass shatters. While in his unconscious state, Chatchai has a vision of his daughter in danger and immediately gets up and knocks Ko Chun out of the window. However, when he realises Kit has also fallen out of the window, he throws out a chain for Kit to hold on to, but Ko Chun grabs the chain instead. Kit then grabs on to Ko Chun's tie and eventually strangles him to death while dangling from his tie. Chatchai stretches out his hand and pulls Kit back to safety. The movie ends with Sa now growing up narrates that she got the transplant and remembers Chatchai hugging his daughter while Kit watches from a distance away.
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