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Pustków, Podkarpackie Voivodeship

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==World War II==
Pustków, as well as [[Pustków Osiedle]] were the location of the Nazi German troop-training facility called ''HL-Heidelager'' for the [[14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Ukrainian)|Ukrainian 14th Waffen SS Division]] "Galician",<ref name="Heidelager">{{cite web | url= | title=''HL-Heidelager: SS-TruppenÜbungsPlatz'' | | work=Historia poligonu Heidelager w Pustkowie | year=2013 | accessdate=6 July 2013 | format=with collection of historical photographs | language=Polish}}</ref> as well as other collaborationists military formations including Estonian.<ref name="Goldsworthy">{{cite web | url=http | title=Valhalla's Warriors | publisher=Dog Ear Publishing | work=A History of the Waffen-SS on the Eastern Front 1941-1945 | year=2010 | accessdate=July 5, 2013 | author=Terry Goldsworthy | page=144 | format=Google Book preview | isbn=1608446395}}</ref> Their training, included also killing operations inside the camps and Jewish ghettos in the vicinity of Pustków and in the town itself, most notably, at the [[Pustków concentration camp|Pustków]] and [[Szebnie concentration camp]] nearby.<ref name="Margolian">{{cite book | url=http | title=Unauthorized entry: the truth about Nazi war criminals in Canada, 1946-1956 | publisher=University of Toronto Press | year=2000 | accessdate=July 6, 2013 | author=Howard Margolian | page=132 | isbn=0802042775}}</ref><ref name="Bracik">{{cite web | url= | title=Obóz w Szebniach (Camp in Szebnie) | publisher=''Region Jasielski'', nr 3 (39) | year=2003 | accessdate=July 4, 2013 | author=Jacek Bracik, Józef Twaróg | format=[[Internet Archive]] | language=Polish}}</ref>