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David M. Kelley

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==Work in industry==
He earned a [[bachelor’s degree]] in [[electrical engineering]] at [[Carnegie Mellon University]] in 1973 where he was a member of the [[Sigma Alpha Epsilon]] fraternity, and began work as an engineer, first at [[Boeing]] and later at [[NCR Corporation|NCR]].<ref name="National Academy of Engineering" />
At Boeing, he was responsible for the design of the Lavatory Occupied sign for the 747 airplane.<ref name="School of Bright Ideas">{{cite news |url=,9171,1034705,00.html |title=School of Bright Ideas |work=[[Time Magazine]] |accessdate=2009-06-17 |date=2005-03-06}}</ref>
In 2000, he was honored with a [[Chrysler Design Award]],
<ref name="Chrysler Design Awards">{{cite web |url= |title=Chrysler Design Awards Dropped After 10 Years |work=New York Times |accessdate=2012-07-27 |date=2003-06-05}}</ref> and was elected to the [[National Academy of Engineering]] for "affecting the practice of design."<ref name="David Kelley elected to National Academy of Engineering" />