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SPL II: A Time for Consequences

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| gross = US$87.68 million<ref name="THR">{{cite web|url=|title=China Box Office: Homegrown 'Monk' Beats 'Jurassic World'|author=Clifford Coonan|work=[[The Hollywood Reporter]]|publisher=([[Prometheus Global Media]])|date=July 7, 2015|accessdate=July 7, 2015}}</ref>
'''''SPL II: A Time for Consequences''''' ({{zh|t=殺破狼}}), is a 2015 [[Hong Kong action cinema|Chinese-Hong Kong action film]] directed by [[Cheang Pou-soi]], and also produced by [[Wilson Yip]] and Paco Wong. The film stars [[Tony Jaa]], [[Wu Jing (actor)|Wu Jing]], [[Simon Yam]], [[Zhang Jin]] and guest starring [[Louis Koo]]. The film was released on June 18, 2015<ref>{{cite web |url= |title= 《杀破狼2》首曝预告定档6.18 托尼贾古天乐吴京张晋组新功夫阵容 |accessdate= 2015-03-27| date=2015-03-23 |work= mtime}}</ref> including in [[3D film|3D]].<ref>{{cite web |url=|title= 杀破狼2(2015)|accessdate= June 15, 2015|work=|language= Chinese}}</ref>
According to Twitchfilm, ''SPL II'' is a sequel "in-name-only" to the 2005's ''[[SPL: Sha Po Lang]]'' starring [[Donnie Yen]] and directed by [[Wilson Yip]]. ''SPL II'' features a new storyline, with Donnie Yen and [[Sammo Hung]] will not returning for the movie.<ref>[ SPL 2: Donnie Yen Out? Soi Cheang To Direct And Wilson Yip To Produce]</ref> Former cast members of the first film, Wu Jing and Simon Yam returned as new characters different from the original first film. Wu Jing returned as a protagonist this time, teaming up with Tony Jaa's character.
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