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'''Nils Christie''' (24. Februay 1928 - 27. May 2015<ref>[ Nils Christie er død]</ref>,</ref>) is a Norwegian [[sociology|sociologist]] and [[criminology|criminologist]]. He is a professor of criminology at the [[Faculty of Law, University of Oslo]] since 1966. Among his books is ''Pinens begrensning'' from 1981, which has been translated into eleven languages. He has received an [[honorary degree]] at the [[University of Copenhagen]].<ref name=nbl>{{cite encyclopedia |title=Nils Christie |encyclopedia=[[Norsk biografisk leksikon]]|first=Ragnvald |last=Kalleberg |editor=[[Knut Helle|Helle, Knut]] |publisher=Kunnskapsforlaget|location=Oslo|url= |language=Norwegian|accessdate=5 June 2010}}</ref><ref name=snl>{{cite encyclopedia |title=Nils Christie |encyclopedia=[[Store norske leksikon]] |publisher=Kunnskapsforlaget |location=Oslo |url= |language=Norwegian | accessdate=5 June 2010 }}</ref> Christie is well known for his long standing criticism of [[drug prohibition]], [[industrial society]], and [[prison]]s.
He is a member of the [[Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters]].<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Gruppe 8: Samfunnsfag (herunder sosiologi, statsvitenskap og økonomi)|publisher=[[Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters]]|language=Norwegian|accessdate=9 January 2011}}</ref>
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