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The [[Eastern Orthodox Church]] is opposed to the [[Roman Catholic]] [[doctrine]] of [[papal supremacy]]. While not denying that some form of primacy could exist for Rome's bishop, Orthodox Christians argue that the tradition of Rome's primacy in the early Church was not equivalent to the current doctrine of supremacy.
Catholic Cardinal and theologian [[Yves Congar]] stated
{{quote|"The East never accepted the regular jurisdiction of Rome, nor did it submit to the judgment of Western bishops. Its appeals to Rome for help were not connected with a recognition of the principle of Roman jurisdiction but were based on the view that Rome had the same truth, the same good. The East jealously protected its autonomous way of life. Rome intervened to safeguard the observation of legal rules, to maintain the orthodoxy of faith and to ensure communion between the two parts of the church, the Roman see representing and personifying the West&nbsp;... In according Rome a ‘primacy of honour’, the East avoided basing this primacy on the succession and the still living presence of the apostle Peter. A ''modus vivendi'' was achieved which lasted, albeit with crises, down to the middle of the eleventh century."<ref>Congar. Y., (1982) ''Diversity and Communion'' (Mystic: Twenty–Third), pp. 26–27</ref>}}
==Orthodox understanding of Catholicity==