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"Rock": clarification
{{quote|For the strengthening of your holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, which you founded on the rock of the faith, so that the gates of Hell might not prevail against it, delivering it from every heresy and from the scandals caused by those who work iniquity, and from the enemies who arise and attack it, until the consummation of the age.<ref>[ Divine Liturgy of St James] at CCEL</ref>}}
OthersPeter areis calledreferred to beas ''rock'' but other Christian writers use the term in describing others; [[Hippolytus of Rome]];<ref>''The Extant Works and Fragments of Hippolytus'', Part I</ref> [[Victorinus of Pettau]];<ref>''Commentary on the Apocalypse of the Blessed John, From the Twenty-First and Twenty-Second Chapters''</ref> [[Gregory of Nyssa]];<ref>''Panegyric on St. Stephen'', M.P.G., Vol. 46, Col. 733</ref> [[Hilary of Poitiers]];<ref>''On The Trinity'', Book VI.33</ref> [[Jerome]];<ref>6th Book on Matthew</ref>[[Basil of Caesarea|Basil the Great]];<ref>''De Spiritu Sancto'', Chapter VIII</ref> [[Gregory Thaumaturgus]];<ref>Part II."Dubious or Spurious Writings, A Sectional Confession of Faith", Chapter XXII</ref> [[Ambrosiaster]];<ref>''Commentary on Ephesians'', M.P.L., Vol. 17, Col. 380</ref> [[Aphrahat|Aphraates]];<ref>''The 'Demonstrations' of Aphrahat''</ref> [[Athanasius of Alexandria|Athanasius]];<ref>''Letters of Athanasius'', Letter 29</ref>
[[Origen]];<ref>''Commentaries on the Gospel of Matthew'' Book XII.11 -The Promise Given to Peter Not Restricted to Him, But Applicable to All Disciples Like Him - cited by Denny, E., (1912)''Papalism: A Treatise on the Claims on the Papacy as set forth in the Encyclical Satis cognitum'', (Rivingtons; London), pp.60-61</ref>
[[John Cassian]]<ref>''On the Incarnation of the Lord, Against Nestorius'' Book III. Chapter XIV "How the confession of the blessed Peter is the faith of the whole Church."</ref>