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Opposition arguments from early church history
==Opposition arguments from early church history==
* TheAccording to Irenaeus, the church at Rome was founded (or more formally organised) by both Peter and [[Paul the Apostle|Paul]]. As no particular ''charism'' or primacy attaches to Paul, then it is not from his co-foundation of the church of Rome that the Roman Pontiff claims primacy.
* As many Sees are of Peter, Peter serves as an archetype of Apostleapostolicity.
* The See of Rome haddid have primacy, but it was onea position of honour,honor rather than power or magisterial authority.
* Rome is ''an'' Apostolic [[Throne#Ecclesiastical thrones|throne]], not ''the'' Apostolic throne.
* Each bishop has the right to decidemanage affairs within his local churchdiocese. In the event of a dispute with another bishop, only a general council may rule on the matter.
* [[Church Fathers]] do not refer to another tier or clerical office above bishopthe ordinary episcopate.
* Cases which had been decided by Rome were appealed to bishops in other [[Metropolitan bishop|metropolitan areas]].
* Cases which had been decided by Rome were appealed to [[synod]]s of bishops in other metropolitan areas.
* Peter founded many [[Episcopalepiscopal see]]s, including Antioch. There is no difference between the Sees of Peter; all are of equal standing.
* The [[Apostle (Christian)|Apostles]] were equal under Christ; nothinghe wasdid withheldnot withhold authority from any of the Apostlesthem.
* The Roman Pontiff is also styled "universal bishop" ({{lang-la|Summus Pontifex Ecclesiae Universalis}}), but a previous popePope condemned the use of such a title by any bishop.
* RomeThe post-Constantinian church conferred upon the sees of (Old Rome) and later New Rome ([[Constantinople]] (New Rome) were on the same leveldegree of honor.
* Eastern [[Patriarchate|patriarchsPatriarchs]] have regarded popesthe Bishop of Rome, occupying the only apostolic see in Western Christendom, as the leader[[Patriarch of the westernersWest]] (not of the wholeentire church).
* Faced with exile, [[John Chrysostom]] -, the [[Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople|Archbishop of Constantinople]] -, wrote an appeal for help to three westernWestern churchmen. While one of these was the bishop of Rome, had Rome exercised primacy at that time, he would not have written to the other two bishops.
==="Keys of the Kingdom"===
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