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==Characters and story==
* '''Hazel''', the live-in maid to the Baxter family, also serving as nanny to the children.<ref name="characters">{{cite web |url= |publisher=DailyINK |title=About Hazel |accessdate=2013-10-04}}</ref>
* '''George Baxter''', ostensible head of the household.<ref name="characters" />
* '''Dorothy Baxter''', George's wife.<ref name="characters" />
* '''Harold Baxter''', the son of George and Dorothy.<ref name="characters" />
* '''Katie Baxter''', the Baxters' adopted younger child.<ref name="characters" />
* '''Smiley''' the dog.<ref name="characters" />
* '''Mostly''' the cat.<ref name="characters" />
* '''Two Ton''', another cat, named for its size.<ref name="twoton">{{cite web |url= |publisher=DailyINK |title=Hazel comic published on 2013-08-06 |accessdate=2013-10-04}}</ref>
In 2008, the cartoonist's son, Peter Key, talked about the origin of the character, "Like a lot of creative people, he kept a notepad near his bedside. He had a dream about a maid who took a message, but she screwed it up completely. When he looked at the idea the next day, he thought it was good and sold it to ''The Post''."
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