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Second Ecumenical Council: remove factual error - that I had written
=== Second Ecumenical Council ===
The [[Second Ecumenical Council]] read into its notes the proceedings of the First Ecumenical Council even though the First had not yet at that time been approved of by the pope; therefore it can be argued that the bishops assembled at that council didn't seem to believe that the pope's approval was necessary to make a council ''ecumenical''. Further to not regarding the pope's approval, the Second Ecumenical Council was presided over by [[Meletius of Antioch]], who was not in communion with Rome.<ref>Empie, P. C., & Murphy, T. A., (1974) ''Papal Primacy and the Universal Church: Lutherans and Catholics in Dialogue V''(Augsburg Publishing House; Minneapolis, MN), p82.</ref><ref>{{cite book |last=Davis |first=L. D. |year=1990 |title=The First Seven Ecumenical Councils (325-787) Their History and Theology |publisher=Liturgical Press |location=Minnesota |pages=128–129 |quote="Because of the schism at Antioch its first president, Meletius, was not in communion with Rome and Alexandria. Its second president, Gregory of Nazianzus, was not in western eyes the legitimate bishop of Constantinople."}}</ref>
=== Third Ecumenical Council ===