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{{quote|"Your most sweet Holiness has spoken much in your letter to me about the chair of Saint Peter, Prince of the apostles, saying that he himself now sits on it in the persons of his successors...}}
{{quote|Wherefore though there are many apostles, yet with regard to the principality itself the See of the Prince of the apostles alone has grown strong in authority, which in three places is the See of one...}}
{{quote|He himself stablishedestablished (sic) the See in which, though he was to leave it, he sat for seven years. Since then it is the See of one, and one See, over which by Divine authority three bishops now preside, whatever good I hear of you, this I impute to myself. "<ref>To Eulogius, Bishop of Alexandria Book VII, Epistle XL</ref>}}
[[Theodoret]] also refers to other Sees being thrones of Peter.<ref>"Dioscorus, however, refuses to abide by these decisions; he is turning the See of the blessed Mark upside down; and these things he does though he perfectly well knows that the Antiochene (''of Antioch'') metropolis possesses the throne of the great Peter, who was teacher of the blessed Mark, and first and coryphæus (''head of the choir'') of the chorus of the apostles." Theodoret - Letter LXXXVI - To Flavianus, Bishop of Constantinople.</ref>
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