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"each and every" = each
It is claimed by Catholic apologists<ref>Ray, S. K., (1999) ''Upon this rock: St. Peter and the primacy of Rome in scripture and the early church'', (Ignatius Press; San Francisco), p196</ref> that this council offers proof of papal primacy. In particular this reference is used
{{quote|"The reason for your absence was both honorable and imperative, that the schismatic wolves might not rob and plunder by stealth nor the heretical dogs bark madly in the rapid fury nor the very serpent, the devil, discharge his blasphemous venom. So it seems to us right and altogether fitting that priests of the Lord from each and every province should report to their head, that is, to the See of Peter, the Apostle." Council of Sardica, To Pope Julius (A.D. 342).<ref>[ Explaining the Catholic Faith - The Papacy and the Primacy of Peter]</ref><ref>[ Scripture Catholic]</ref>}}
It is further stated that Athanasius referred to this council as "the Great Council."<ref>''Against the Arians'' 1</ref>