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Key's cartoons were reprinted in a series of books, including ''Here's Hazel'' and ''All Hazel''. After the first in the series, ''Hazel'', was published by [[E. P. Dutton]] in 1946, it sold 500,000 copies. ''[[Kirkus Reviews]]'' commented:
:Cartoons from the next to last page of ''The Saturday Evening Post'', in which Hazel, a slightly dimmed jewel of a domestic, puts her employers and their friends through their paces with no hesitation about taking the center of the stage. Joining in their games, their parties, their conversations, their arguments, court of appeal for household decisions, intimidating the unwary, demanding-and grabbing-her rights, Hazel is certainly the least inhibited person on paper today. You may start off disliking her and her omnipresence in the household, but sooner or later one of her cracks will get you-&mdash;and you'll be sold.<ref>[ ''Kirkus Reviews'', 1946]</ref>
In 2008, King Features was reprinting ''Hazel'' panels in more than 50 newspapers.<ref name=king>{{cite web